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Last week I wrote to ask for your gift to Crisis Magazine. This is one of only two annual fundraising appeals we make in any given year, and this spring we need to raise $75,000. 

Sad to say, we’ve received only a fraction of that.

Now, it’s possible my first appeal escaped your notice. I understand about being busy.

But I also know this about you: You’re one of us.

You read our articles and nod your head at the common sense you find there. You’re encouraged to realize that you’re not alone, that you’re not the only one who laments the widespread complacency in the Church and the corruption in the government. You know that leaders of both Church and State too often gaslight us to think everything is fine, when you know—and we know—it’s not. So you find yourself stirred up, ready to take bold action in your corner of the world. You’re moved to pray more, learn more, do more.

You believe in our powerful mission to speak light into a darkening age.

In short, you’re exactly the person we at Crisis need right now. We need you to be not only a reader but a partner. Otherwise, we can’t get this done. 

We’re not just any publication; we’re a lone voice crying out in the wilderness on matters of Church and State. Without your help, we could be gone, and the hard and hopeful truths we tell will be swallowed up in the sea of falsehood. 

Please make your gift today. Don’t wait for someone else. Don’t take it for granted that we’ll be here without you.

We need a lot of you to dig deep, to do what you can. A big gift would be so impactful – if you could do $12,500 to sponsor Crisis for about a month, that would be tremendous. A gift of $3,000 would cover us for a week.

Could you keep us online for one day, with a gift of $500?  

Or better yet, would you become a monthly donor by choosing that option on our secure donation form here.

Whatever you can give, please give today. Think about the gift that Crisis is to you, the value you receive from the writing that you find nowhere else but Crisis. As best as you can, please match that.

Crisis is a mission, and our content doesn’t cost readers anything to access. But it is worth so much. 

Please be more than a reader. We need you to be a partner today with your gift. 

Together we can restore our wounded Church and culture through our prayers and this work.

Thanks and God bless,

Eric Sammons

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  • Eric Sammons

    Eric Sammons is the editor-in-chief of Crisis Magazine.


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