An Urgent Note

“There are decades in which nothing happens, and there are weeks
in which decades happen.” 

I don’t often quote Lenin, but I feel like decades of change have happened in the Catholic Church over the past several weeks.

When historians look back on our time, they will undoubtedly see it as one of upheaval and confusion.

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Just in the past month or so:

● Bishop Joseph Strickland, one of the most faithful and beloved bishops in the U.S. episcopate, was ousted as the head of the Diocese of Tyler, TX for reasons that remain unpublished.

● The Synod on Synodality resurrected for debate, yet again, topics that have been authoritatively declared settled Catholic doctrine.

● Pope Francis has kicked Cardinal Burke out of his papal apartment and revoked his stipend.

● Five prominent Cardinals have had to again challenge the Pope by issuing a new dubia requesting clarification on his positions on homosexuality and female ordination — and being ignored.

● No investigation is being launched into accusations of vile serial abuse by Father Marko Rupnik, and despite being expelled from the Jesuits, he was made a diocesan priest by his home bishop.

Mankind is under staggering attack and disoriented like never before.

A burning wind is blowing yet a shocking number of Church faithful seem not to even notice. Our ways and our devices are bringing terrible misfortune upon us, yet Holy Mother Church seems to sleep! Where are the decrees, the warnings, the corrections, the fullness of Truth being proclaimed? 

A stunning transformation of society is taking place right before our eyes:

A preposterous climate alarmism is being foisted upon us by craven elites.

Men pretending to be women are shattering athletic records and invading women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and prisons.

The traditional family is being undermined. Our economy is being destabilized, seemingly intentionally. 

Rather than shaking slumbering souls awake and leading them by word and example to the joys of living in freedom and Truth, too many Church leaders have averted their gaze.

Now more than ever, mankind needs to live in the might of God’s power. We need to put on the Lord’s armor to withstand the deceits of the devil.

Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of darkness and the spirits of wickedness in the high places. 

Where can one find this armor of God, this breastplate of justice that enables us to resist in the evil day? Where can one gain the spiritual nourishment we all need to fight back vice and temptation and stand in all things perfect?

Where can we find the shield of faith that extinguishes the fiery darts of the wicked one — and take up the sword of the Spirit to engage in the battle that’s raging all around us?

At Crisis Magazine, each and every day. 

We are keeping the millions who read our incisive commentary each year tethered to the barque of Peter as we navigate these treacherous waters together.

Crisis awakens the hypnotized.

Crisis covers the issues and tells the truth. 

Crisis amplifies those voices within the Church that need to be heard. 

Crisis brings intellectual force to the theological and cultural battles of our time. 

Crisis is unique and desperately needed in today’s world.

Which is why “the world” wants it to go away. 

There is a price to pay for confronting totalitarian Leftist thought both within and outside the Church. Major advertisers will not buy advertising space on Crisis Magazine, and many of our articles continue being removed from Google for violating their policies. 

Ever since Facebook launched its crackdown on so-called “hate speech,” the shares and likes on our social media postings have plummeted. 

Yet, by the grace of God, our readership continues to grow — now into the many millions! 

But we’ve come to a critical point where the expenses of operating Crisis at peak efficiency are overwhelming our revenues and cash reserves. 

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God Bless You,

Eric Sammons

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