May 3, 2023

Naked and Unafraid

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Today, publications like ours face a new and very serious crisis: Censorship.

And it’s not just the blocking of contrary ideas from social media platforms, the literal drowning out of alternate voices on college campuses, nor the longstanding biases of major media.

Those are bad enough (and they are plenty bad).

But what worries me most is the self-censorship that results from the hubris, the lies, the insults, and even physical attacks of today’s cancel culture.

It used to be that people would self-censor out of simple prudence, to avoid conflict, maintain a job, or as an act of Christian charity.

Now people are afraid to say what they think or write what they believe because of the backlash they risk facing. 

Do you support marriage, true marriage? You’re ignorant and a hater. 

Do you believe a person’s sex is “assigned at birth” and not changeable at will? You’re cruel and evil. 

Do you believe abortion should be outlawed? You’re a misogynist who wants women to be slaves.

Such name-calling is foolish, but it is genuinely intimidating to normal people. Human beings are social, and we need community. People will do almost anything to avoid being an outcast, even if it’s just psychological and not physical isolation. 

That’s what’s so unfortunate—the self-imposed censorship of the past few decades has largely silenced Christian conservatives and led to the acceleration of our decline as a republic. 

And let’s face it, that’s precisely the result the revolutionaries transforming our world desired.

But you know who isn’t intimidated? 

Who doesn’t shrink from insults and attacks?

Who tells it like it is—“naked and unafraid”—no matter the consequences?

Crisis Magazine. 

We’re going to tell the truth as we see it no matter what. We don’t care who disagrees with us or mocks us or even tries to take us down. To us it’s a rugby match out there, and the dirtier and bloodier our uniforms get the better.

What other publication—Catholic or otherwise—would publish an article on why divorced dads should avoid dating and remarriage in order to better love and lead their children? 

Or an article challenging common practices from tattoos to surrogacy to gender surgeries headlined “Theology of the Body vs. Body Mutilations”? 

Or an editorial that declares without apology, “The blunt reality is that the papacy of Francis, by any Catholic measure, has been a disaster”?

As you can see, we’re not making friends with people who want to fit in. That’s OK; we’re not trying to just go along and get along. We’re trying to wake people up. 

We’re informing, inspiring, and emboldening our readers to speak the truth in an era of lies!

If we’re having that effect on you, will you help us to continue doing it for others?

This is the time of year we come to readers like you to ask for your spiritual and financial assistance to continue this mission. It’s a team effort; we can’t do it without you. 

Right now, we need to raise $75,000 from our grassroots army of supporters to complete our website upgrade and pay all our bills. We want to maintain our online platform, produce our podcast, and continue to hire the best writers out there to make our content as bold and beautiful as ever.

People come to us for answers and we want to keep providing them!

Will you please help support the mission of Crisis Magazine with a tax-deductible gift today? Could you sponsor the magazine for a month with a gift of $10,000? Or for one week with a gift of $2,500? Could you keep us going for a day with a gift of $500?

If not, could you make a gift of $50, $75, or $100?  We need your gift, whatever it is.

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Please support us so we can push back hard against the prevailing censorship with the gleaming swift sword of truth. 

Don’t be afraid, friends. We’re not.

Thanks and God bless,

Eric Sammons

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  • Eric Sammons

    Eric Sammons is the editor-in-chief of Crisis Magazine.


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