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Crisis Magazine has been around 40 years, which is a great accomplishment. Our website has been around for 8 years, which is more sad than impressive. Websites are meant to be updated and freshened up every few years, but unfortunately that hasn’t happened here. While the website has served us well, it’s clearly time for an update.

As you can undoubtedly tell, you are reading this on our redesigned website, which we hope will allow us to better serve our audience, helping them to navigate the crisis in the Church and the world and remain faithful Catholics throughout. 

Here are a few new features of the website:

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  • Cleaner Interface: Magazines are meant to be read, and that includes online magazines. So we’ve cleaned up the main article page so that there is less clutter and more focus on what matters: the article itself.
  • Focus on Contributors: Our writers are what make Crisis successful, so we wanted to make sure they are front-and-center. Photos of the writers will be at the top of the page, as well as a link to a cleaner writer page.
  • Podcast Improvements: We’ve had the Crisis Point podcast for over two years, but I still find regular readers who don’t even know about it. This is because the old website made it hard to find the podcasts. No longer: Crisis Point, which is an essential part of our offering, will now be more prominently displayed and easier to use.
  • Shop: Crisis Magazine is part of Crisis Publications, and now you can purchase Crisis Publications books (along with select Sophia Institute Press books) directly on the website.
  • News: Crisis has always been fundamentally a commentary/opinion magazine, not a news operation. But of course our commentaries are often about the news, so we wanted to unite those offerings together. You’ll notice a “News” section of the website, which currently includes links to top stories of interest to Catholics. It is our hope that we can soon offer our own news stories as well.
  • Crisis Vault: Our magazine has a 40-year history, including 25 as a print magazine. We have digitized every print issue and put it online in an easy-to-navigate format in our Crisis Vault. This might be my favorite part of the new site.

I’m excited about this next phase in the history of Crisis, and I hope you enjoy the new web experience. As with all new websites, I’m sure there will be a few bugs to iron out, so if you see anything not working properly, let me know at [email protected].


  • Eric Sammons

    Eric Sammons is the editor-in-chief of Crisis Magazine.


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