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“What is truth?”

So asks Pilate, in one of the Gospel’s most compelling exchanges.

For the worldly, the cynical, those without faith, truth is a moving target.

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Here’s this week’s latest example:  Sam Bankman-Fried, the Democrat-donating wunderkind and “benevolent billionaire,” has come to light as just another con artist, running afoul of securities laws. His cryptocurrency exchange FTX, valued at $32 billion earlier this year, is in a free fall, investors have lost millions, and the ripple effects are just beginning.

Lies always unravel. And despite Pilate’s tragically dismissive remark – as he looked at Our Lord, who is Truth itself, and yet was unable to see it.

Truth does matter.

This is the folly of today’s journalism. Big Media pretend to be referees when they are truly players, using their reputations and authority to move people and politics according to their agenda. 

Like Pilate, it’s not truth they’re after; it’s power.

And they’re wrong. They miss how the story ends: not with humiliation, powerlessness and death, but with the Resurrection.

Turns out, worldly human power comes to an end. Truth, however, is everlasting.

And you, Crisis reader, can handle that truth.

Here at Crisis Magazine, we don’t deceive. We don’t play games. We don’t suppress uncomfortable facts or try to manipulate readers. We just tell it like it is. We’re not afraid of the truth – we’re all about it.

When you read Crisis, you are getting the most urgent news in the Church and culture from the most reliable sources in order to be well-informed Catholics and citizens. And you get so much more – you get a fearless perspective on the news, with honest, faith-informed, and finely written commentary.

If the truth is hard to hear, so be it. We will tell it anyway. In fact, inconvenient truth is our bread and butter.

That’s why you trust us. That’s why you read Crisis.

And frankly, that’s why I need to ask for your help today. Other media depend on advertisers, and so they have to watch themselves – there is always a bit of looking over the shoulder in case someone is upset with an article. 

We don’t have those worries – but we also don’t have that revenue.

You know about the need to pay for truthful content these days. So, will you visit our secure online donation form so we can keep publishing the urgent, hard-hitting, interesting and cutting-edge content that makes Crisis your go-to source on the issues of the day? 

There is no other Catholic publication like ours. With over 40 years of putting out courageous content, we’ve proven ourselves. We’re growing, and we’re getting better.

Will you please help our work and our growth at Crisis Magazine with a tax-deductible gift? Could you sponsor the magazine for a month with a gift of $10,000? Or a week with a gift of $2,500? Perhaps for a day with a gift of $500?

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Please consider supporting us with the most generous gift you can afford. It’s one thing to have a dependable source for politics and culture; it’s another to have one that’s reliably Catholic. Your donation today – of any amount – will help us continue to speak the truth, fearlessly, on all fronts.

Thanks and God bless!

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    Eric Sammons is the editor-in-chief of Crisis Magazine.


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