Carlos Maza Could Use Man Lessons from Steven Crowder

Carlos Maza is a nasty little man who goes by the nom-de-tweet Gaywonk. A gay guy with pronounced gay-voice, he has been stalking and trolling conservatives for many years. He stalked me a few years ago when he was a “reporter” for the hard-left Media Matters. He came after me on Twitter, harassing me, calling me names, trying to—oh, no—hurt my feelings, threatening me with—egad—exposure!

He wanted me to know that when I came before the Senate for confirmation or some such thing, he would release all the “hateful” things I said on Twitter. Gaywonk and other such gay swains have bulging files on me and others who are, like me, not in the least afraid of them.

In recent days he has gone full whine against online comedian Steven Crowder who has been having a ball making fun of poor Gaywonk who is now trying to get Crowder kicked off of YouTube where Crowder has millions of followers. The bottom line is that little Gaywonk had his feelings hurt, and he wants a big strong man, in this case, YouTube, to come to his wescue.

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What you need to know about little Gaywonk is that he wants everyone to know that he is of Mexican or some such Latin descent and that he is “queer,” I mean pretty darned “queer.” Someone on a website called has culled Gaywonk’s Reddit comments where he gets deep in the gay weeds, even giving advice to anal sex newcomers, “Breathe, use lots of lube, go slow, use a condom.” Gaywonk advises a particular brand of lube, “Swiss Navy Silicone,” that you can buy at Amazon for twenty-nine bucks—but that’s only 8 ounces—and I suspect he buys it by the case and uses same-day delivery on Prime.

You must understand that the previous paragraph, citing Gaywonk’s actual words and then poking fun—did I say poking?—would be considered hate speech by the whiny little fella.

Brown and gay are his Official Victim Cards that he—and only he—gets to play. Gaywonk is featured on the website Vox, which is a major media company worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He has a vast audience.

Gaywonk has been part of a highly organized cabal of fanatics who live to harass anyone who steps into the public square and takes a heterodox view of gay.

In 2014, a woman named Janna Darnelle published a piece at Public Discourse telling the story of how her marriage fell apart because her husband came out as homosexual. At the time I wrote about this, her story had garnered 48,000 Facebook shares and 2,600 Tweets. It struck a chord. She wrote about her anguish and the anguish of her children, and, for that, she was inundated with gay hate orchestrated by this tiny cabal of homosexual harassers. As I wrote at the time, “they hung poor Janna from a viral meat hook,” including making her name and address public, a practice called doxxing.

A feminist going by the name Rivka Edelman came to her defense, also in the pages of Public Discourse. For her trouble, the gay bullyboys tried to crush her. A nasty blog called Good as You, run at that time by a man called Jeremy Hooper, doxxed her and revealed her real name. Hooper said this, “Oh, but don’t worry, Ms. Newmark. I still won’t write your employer, family, or anyone else in some sort of effort to make you scared…” See the rather open threat?

Gaywonk has called for the physical assault of his political opponents to humiliate them and chase them out of the public square.

Therefore, it is rather funny and revealing when he goes full cry-bully. He says, “So, I have pretty thick skin when it comes to online harassment, but something has been really bothering me,” and then shows highly edited clips of Crowder making fun of him, and using language that Gaywonk uses about himself, including “queer Mexican.” Gaywonk can describe himself as a “queer Mexican,” but no one else can. Anyone else describing him that way is a hateful bigot that social media must “de-platform.” Oh yes, Crowder also called him, prepare yourself, a “sprite.”

Here is part of Gaywonk’s problem. No one ever taught him how to be a man. He is stuck in terminal boyhood but not manly boyhood; instead he is stuck in a kind of girlish boyhood. I do not know for sure but can guess, he was raised by a single mother or, if his father was home, his father did not like him very much. This stunted Gaywonk’s growth into manhood. This is why he is obsessed with other men; he is trying to find his lost manhood there, and this is also why he fights, well, like a girl—not just any girl but a bitchy girl.

Who but a bitchy girl would run and tell teacher that someone is bothering him? In his younger days, Gaywonk never learned to fight back, to punch someone in the nose, or to get punched back. Gaywonk would have found a genuine world of males instead of the ersatz queer world of faux-males he came to know and celebrate. Instead of fighting back, little Gaywonk went crying to mommy or teacher, and as our world grew older and more feminized, this behavior was prized and rewarded, especially when accompanied by prized victim status.

The next step in this little drama would be that Crowder would apologize and hope the whiny gays would go away. Of course, they never do. Crowder knows that. And you should see his apology. He apologizes to everyone, and it’s clear he does not mean a word of it. And the point is that his whole schtick is to make fun of the left, the whole left but also some on the right. He “apologizes” to “the Motor City Madman, Ted Nugent, for my statement that his skin resembles and smells like that of bison jerky. Was originally intended as a compliment, I’d like to clarify. But I now understand why he might have taken offense.”

The twenty-minute piece is as good as anything that ever appeared on Saturday Night Live circa 1980 and anything from the heyday of National Lampoon.

It is laugh-out-loud funny and precisely the way Carlos Maza, the Gaywonk should be dealt with: no thoughtfulness, no civility, only mockery, scorn, and plenty of raspberries, please.


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