Davos and the Great Reset

As I write this, the elite who’s-who of the world are meeting virtually, as part of the Davos Forum 2021 held by the World Economic Forum. For the uninitiated, the event is essentially a gathering of major world figures—heads of state, financiers, medical professionals, etc.—who meet to discuss global plans. It is not clear if all of the thought-leaders who attend are on the same page politically, as they come from a diverse array of political situations, but they are the elites nonetheless. In reality, it is a globalism conference which is usually held in person—but because of the COVID-19 restrictions, is virtual this year. 

You can watch the preliminary remarks here, but if you would like to not waste an hour of your life and instead do something actually useful, I will encapsulate in one sentence the entire goal of the event: To usher in the Great Reset through a series of globalist, marxist, environmentalist, “health,” and technocratic-themed activities, all geared towards creating a “new world,” with a “new order.” Perhaps it sounds like a complex affair, but in reality it is all pretty hum-drum—if you have been paying attention to what the leftists/globalists/communists/demons have been working towards for years.

If you are not familiar with the intended goals of the Great Reset, or think it is a “conspiracy theory,” let me tell you, it is definitely not a conspiracy, as a conspiracy is something that is done in a hidden or clandestine manner—the Great Reset is there for all to see. Nor is it a theory, as its proponents are quite outspoken in their goals. In fact, the head of the World Economic Forum (WEF) is a man named Klaus Schwab, who looks like a prototype of a classic Bond villain. He has published books, put out podcasts, and basically “branded” the Great Reset in the public realm. 

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The practical end of the Great Reset is to fundamentally restructure the world’s economy and geopolitical relations by combining the globalised nature of the modern world, and by utilizing ever-encroaching technological tools. In fact, Schwab himself has admitted many times that the COVID-19 crisis is the necessary tool to usher in the Great Reset, as it has illuminated a series of problems with how the world operates; the benevolent elites at the WEF just can’t let a good crisis go to waste. You might even say that the roll-out of all the measures inspired by the virus response have been sort of a test case for the plans of the Reset-crowd. Economies have been changed and controlled, travel has been tightly regulated, the power of various tech platforms has been harnessed to surveil people, and the media has cemented itself as nothing more than a propaganda tool. Essentially, the whole world has grasped on to every word of the select few individuals who have told every woman and child what to do with their lives, all in the name of public health.

Whether or not the WEF and their cronies actually believe in the narrative about the Coronavirus is irrelevant, as it is too good a tool to go to waste. In fact, as I was watching some of the videos from an in-studio portion of the Davos event, there were 4 presenters sitting in chairs at least 6 feet apart, all wearing masks, except when speaking. Now I am no “expert,” but it seems to me that talking would be the time when you might spread virulent virus spores all around the room, so it would make sense to keep the mask on (assuming the mask even worked) while speaking…but then again, at this point all of these things are nothing more than political theatre.

The Great Reset is an overarching plan, but in order to accomplish its goals, its proponents have a tall order. Before I continue, whenever I look into these globalist initiatives and see all of the anxiety-inducing plans of our malevolent overlords, I remind myself of one very important quote from Archbishop Fulton Sheen: “Evil may have its hour, but God will have His day.” These globalists are evil, and they sin without thinking anything of it. They are the same type of maniacs who have headed everything from the French Revolution to the current insane destruction of societies through lockdowns; but they are not omnipotent nor are they omniscient. They have blindspots, and they only work together insofar as scavenging birds work together—their cooperation only goes as far as their personal goals, and they are as likely to turn on one another as on anyone. Their success is not guaranteed, and so their proclaimed goals should be taken with a grain of salt.

All that being said, let’s consider their main areas of interest. If you look through the programme catalog, you will find a variety of video sessions, all under a series of themes that focus on the usual globalist goals: How to Save the Planet, Fairer Economies, Tech for Good, Society and Future of Work, Better Business, Healthy Futures, and Beyond Geopolitics. In all honesty, there is a lot of overlap between the various topics—and as with all things in our contemporary modernist mentality, there is a lot of nonsense in the themes and titles. 

When you look at the titles of the specific video sessions, you begin to see what is really going on. For example, there are a series of videos presented in parts called Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution. If you are unaware, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a term largely coined by the WEF that refers to the technocentric way of life many of us live. The idea is that we are on the cusp of another industrial revolution that is Internet-based, thereby reducing the need for traditional business structures.

In the environmentalism-themed presentations, you will find a lot of talk about “Net Zero,” which is presumably a way of having net-zero carbon emissions. This is of course practically impossible—that is, unless we completely alter the entire framework of world-business, travel, population, and food production. Well, they intend to at least attempt to control all those things. Regarding food specifically, they are pushing that we go basically “meatless,” and eat bugs instead. Fake, manufactured meat substitutes are also encouraged. What does meat have to do with environmental problems you ask? Well, according to the planetary czars of the WEF, too much methane is released from cow…behinds.   

There are a plethora of other video presentations that focus on COVID-19, social justice, poverty, education systems, and basically anything you can imagine “globalists” would concern themselves with. One thing that I found striking is that many of the videos were recorded with the speaker simply speaking into the stock microphone of his Apple headphones, or the laptop. You would think that a council of world millionaires could have the AV quality of at least your run of the mill podcaster…but I digress.

Before I conclude, it is worth mentioning that the WEF has worked closely with Pope Francis’ Vatican, and the same people and ideas that fill the Davos stage are the same who are involved in the Pope’s Inclusive Capitalism initiative. In fact, the WEF has published articles singing the praises of the Holy Father’s encyclicals, showing how they match perfectly with their goals. It is troubling, because of course within the ideology of the Great Reset crowd, there is a classic Malthusian mindset of overpopulation and other dangerous errors—which means that abortion and contraception are essentially afterthoughts for the elites. I think we all would prefer not to see Rome rubbing shoulders with such a crowd. But, we are in a crisis after all.

As the Davos Forum wraps up, I am sure we will see how the various oligarchs intend to implement their dystopian ideals. Let us hope that the Great Reset initiative turns into a Great Failure, and perhaps we can all get on with our lives like normal human beings. 

[Photo Credit: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP via Getty Images]


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