Kennedy Hall

Kennedy Hall is the author of three books, Terror of Demons: Reclaiming Traditional Catholic Masculinity, Lockdown with the Devil, and SSPX: The Defence. He is a freelance author, audiobook narrator and host of the Kennedy Report Podcast. He is married with six children and lives in Ontario, Canada. He can be contacted through, and his work can be found at

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The #1 Vocation Killer

The reason we still have a vocations crisis isn’t poor catechesis or smaller families. It’s something more insidious.

Contraception Regret at Red Lobster

No amount of money or personal development in education or the business world is worth the pain that comes with the regret of closing yourself to new life.

Hellfire is Realer Than Real

To believe the sophistry that belief in a fiery Hell or a monstrous demon is irrational or unfitting of a reasonable Christian is the height of demonic pride.

The Homo-Prosperity Gospel

I contend that the Prosperity Gospel and the Gospel of Same-Sex Blessings are of the same ilk and take their inspiration from the same source.

What Is a Couple?

The only way to make Fiducia Supplicans orthodoxish is to pretend that two words that mean the same thing when used in the same context do not mean the same thing when used in the same context.

I Believe in Santa

Believe it (or in him) or not, but Santa Claus was instrumental in my return to the sacraments.

Trudeau’s Empty Graves

If anyone has been paying attention to how Marxists and liberals work, they would not be surprised to find the Canadian “mass graves” controversy was a complete hoax.

The Loss of the Sacred

The grasping attempt to be “exciting” or “cool” seen at World Youth Day is but a symptom of disease of the “unsacred” nature of modern life.

The Devilish Cunning of Fr. James Martin

Fr. James Martin has convinced many people that the Church accepts homosexuality as a practice and that the traditional teachings of the Church—and natural law—on the subject can be cast aside.

God Bless Bishop Strickland!

Bishop Joseph Strickland has demonstrated real courage in the public square and has also shown himself to be a man of deep piety and prayer.

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