Kennedy Hall

Kennedy Hall is the author of three books, Terror of Demons: Reclaiming Traditional Catholic Masculinity, Lockdown with the Devil, and SSPX: The Defence. He is a full-time journalist for LifeSiteNews and has a growing YouTube channel where he hosts The Kennedy Report. He is married with five children and lives in Ontario, Canada.

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I Believe in Santa

Believe it (or in him) or not, but Santa Claus was instrumental in my return to the sacraments.

Trudeau’s Empty Graves

If anyone has been paying attention to how Marxists and liberals work, they would not be surprised to find the Canadian “mass graves” controversy was a complete hoax.

The Loss of the Sacred

The grasping attempt to be “exciting” or “cool” seen at World Youth Day is but a symptom of disease of the “unsacred” nature of modern life.

The Devilish Cunning of Fr. James Martin

Fr. James Martin has convinced many people that the Church accepts homosexuality as a practice and that the traditional teachings of the Church—and natural law—on the subject can be cast aside.

God Bless Bishop Strickland!

Bishop Joseph Strickland has demonstrated real courage in the public square and has also shown himself to be a man of deep piety and prayer.

Is It Time to Reconsider Archbishop Lefebvre?

Given what we know now, and given the fact that the promised New Springtime turned out to be more like a nuclear winter, maybe we can humble ourselves and be willing to rethink the person of Marcel Lefebvre.

Unholy Ghost in the Machine?

Is it possible for demons to infiltrate into the ones and zeros that make up the codes that generate our images and videos?

Satanic Grammy Awards…Brought to You by Pfizer

The reason why the present vaccine regime is satanic has nothing to do with the reality of vaccinations as a form of immunization but, rather, with the rhetoric and mechanisms by which they have been enforced on the population.

Husbands, Lead and Cherish Your Wives

It is divinely revealed truth that husbands are called to lead their wives in the way that Christ leads the Church. This means that husbands are called to serve, direct, die for, and cherish their wives.

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