Dear Don…

We had a good run. But I believe—no, I know—that it’s time to move on.

Breakups are hard, as most of us can attest. You go through something special with someone, and then it becomes clear that the relationship isn’t working anymore, and you need to call it off in order to be true to yourself. 

Honestly, I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. I didn’t think we were right for each other from the beginning, but you managed to impress me enough to give you a chance. And what a whirlwind it was! But a sober look at your dysfunctions has made me realize that staying together is doing more harm than good, to both of us.

Some people stubbornly stay put because it’s easier to suffer the familiar difficulties than force a confrontation with the other person. But sometimes, you just have to call it off, cut your losses, and move on.

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Which brings us to today.

President Trump, we had a good run, and I really do appreciate the good things you did. You brokered some significant peace deals, even among some Middle Eastern Countries and Israel, which no one else seemed able to do.

You cut back federal regulations and presided over an economic boom the likes of which my generation hadn’t seen since the Clinton-Gingrich years.

You not only withstood terrible and unfair attacks against you, you gave it right back to them in like fashion. And they went nuts. The screeches of hatred from the harpies of the Left were delicious, and we battle-weary culture warriors on the Right were able to take just a bit of a rest while the attacks were diverted from us to you.

You pointed out the hypocritical reporting of the ever more obviously left-leaning media and coined the term “fake news,” which became easy code for what we all knew to be true—the media has, for decades, been actively moving our society leftward, fomenting dissent and distrust among Americans, fueling discontent, and casting the worst possible interpretation on any conservative who dares push back against progressive orthodoxy.

Most importantly, you came through on your promise to appoint Constitutional originalists to the federal bench, which will be your most enduring legacy.

I am so appreciative of these good things you did, and many others. We had a good run. But I believe—no, I know—that it’s time to move on. The relationship was a good one, but, well, it was always a relationship of mutual benefit, and I’m just not feeling it. I need more from you, and you’re just not capable of giving it.

It’s not about the lawsuits. Ordinarily, I would be very leery of anyone who was charged with so many crimes and misdemeanors. But the Left has been crying wolf against you for so long that it has colored my view of their incessant accusations against you. 

This is about you as a person and about our relationship. Only those who care about you will tell you this—your narcissism is hurting yourself and everyone associated with you.

Everything is always—always—about you, and it’s not healthy. You spurn advice from others, you scorn those who disagree with you. And God forbid someone other than you be successful at something. You’re simply unable to appreciate others and what they do. And you know what? This is so off-putting, even to those who want to like you and be with you. Everything is always—always—about you, and it’s not healthy. You spurn advice from others, you scorn those who disagree with you. And God forbid someone other than you be successful at something.Tweet This

There’s a new guy on campus who reminds me of you at your best. He also pushes back against the leftist nonsense that dominates so much public discourse. He has also successfully beat them at their own game and daily withstands the slings and arrows from the malcontents who always seem to scream their way to the front page.

But he’s doing it with more finesse and likeability, and he doesn’t accuse those who see things differently of “disloyalty”—another example of you viewing everything through the lens of you. He has friends—you only have supporters. Right now, he seems pretty happy with his girlfriend, but you never know what next year may bring…

What it finally comes down to is that I think we need to see other people. I’m going to start seeing someone who appreciates me for who I am, not for what I can do for him. And you should start seeing a confessor to get past your pride. I don’t care that you’re not Catholic—that’s never bothered me. But I know from experience that power corrupts, and because of your wealth and privilege, you’ve been in power for most of your life. Going to a good, holy priest for spiritual direction would be the best thing for you. But I know you—you’ll never do it. Because you see good, holy people as “patsies” and “losers” who have nothing to offer you. 

Thanks for the memories, Don. I wish you well, but don’t stalk me or try to get me to love you again. What we had was good, but it’s over; and we both need to move on. Farewell.

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  • Jason Negri

    Jason Negri received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Franciscan University and his law degree as a member of the inaugural class of Ave Maria School of Law. He is a practicing attorney and the elected Treasurer of Hamburg Township in Michigan. He is a member of Holy Spirit Church in Brighton, where he sings in the choir and serves on the parish council. He is also the founder and executive director of the Daniel Coalition, an organization of laity formed to advocate for victims of clerical sexual abuse in the Diocese of Lansing. He and his wife Samantha have 5 children and 3+ grandchildren.

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