How Long Before America Ends Its Child Mutilations?

Other countries are starting to wake up to the evils of youth "transgender" surgeries, but the Biden Administration is doubling down on these child mutilations.

The British National Health Service has been rolling back its use of hormone replacements and transgender surgeries for children, and a recent statement announces what should have been obvious: for most children, it’s just a transient phase.

The emotional and hormonal roller coaster that is adolescence results in all kinds of phases, some more harmful than others: punk, goth, emo, temporary same-sex attraction, ridiculous haircuts, anorexia, extreme celebrity worship, and self-harm. Some require intervention. None of them define who a person is or who he will grow into. And never should a child be assisted in self-mutilation that will last a lifetime. What is unique about this fad is the degree to which adults have encouraged such life-altering medical treatments.

In the U.S., there have been no such pronouncements about scaling back transgender mutilations. In fact, the Biden Administration is actively encouraging them. Not only is the Assistant Secretary for Health (“Rachel Levine”) a man who dresses as a woman, but Joe Biden himself now appears in televised segments, encouraging trans individuals in their attempt to deny themselves and become the other sex.

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If we can accept that a fad has been born out of the misdirection of the childhood phase wherein one does not feel that he “belongs” in his own body, and that most young people simply outgrow it, then it’s easier to see just how monstrous it is to promote this on the national stage. It is as if to say to a young person, “Do you want to be great? Do you want to be famous? Do you want people to worship you? Deny everything you are, mutilate your body, and you will be cool and accepted.”

There is almost no limit to how far young people will reach in order to get recognition or fame. Such is a natural part of development. Remember that it is for this reason that news outlets have begun shying away from showing the faces of mass shooters—we know that it increases the frequency of such tragedies.

We have a surplus of children who fail to see their own value; a consequence of a godless society that raises children by giving them a TV and a smartphone. If a child would discard his life in a mass shooting, and thereby demonstrate such a dismal view of the inherent worthiness of human life, surely self-mutilation isn’t out of bounds. Compared to a mass shooting, it’s an easier way to get the acknowledgment that the child craves; and the current public response tends to be one of glorification rather than condemnation.

This viewpoint is the doctrine in which children are being raised. The totality of human dignity is reduced to a sum of parts—man is mere flesh, produced by chance, to end at the hour of his last breath. When a child believes that, it is a natural consequence that he should regard self and fellow man with indifference or even distaste. It’s a small step from there to deciding which parts might not be to our liking and fixing them, or taking gargantuan steps to reach celebrity status—because nothing matters anyway.

Transgenderism has been promoted to the masses now for long enough that we can hear the horrifying stories of those who regret the decisions that they were too young to make and that they would never have conceived of had this not been the fad of the day.

Detransitioners,” that is, those who have attempted to reverse these choices and go back to living as God made them, are exposing how long-term these changes are, even for those who don’t go under the knife. It’s tragic and outrageous that they have to speak up because so many in government and healthcare have stayed silent or falsely claimed that such treatments are harmless.

Transgenderism has become so normalized that we fail to see the evil that is happening before us. Joe Biden’s televised meeting with the trans celebrity is essentially no different than if he met with someone who struggled with anorexia or self-cutting and encouraged their destructive activities. It’s horrifying.

One of the problems is that those who have encouraged this, and believed the rhetoric, must now face what they have done before they can acknowledge that it must be stopped. They need to look in the mirror and face the gravity of the wrong. Children were sacrificed in the promulgation of ideology. 

Then they need to publicly state their changed positions. They can expect the ousting by their allies and, at best, a tepid reception of allyship from their former enemies. This is why the British National Health Service can change its position much easier than an American healthcare institution. In America, individuals bear the burden of their decisions to a much greater degree.

The NHS is such a monolithic bureaucracy that nobody outside it knows who made the initial decision, nor who made the latter one. The responsible parties can hide and never be known for their roles. The reversal will therefore take much longer in America. But it must happen. 

Those who can now see what they couldn’t see before must put an end to this farce before more children are left permanently damaged. To do otherwise is to sacrifice those children in order to protect the pride of a medical practitioner; or to guard the profits of a corporation that doesn’t want to admit what it took part in.

[Image: President Biden discusses “trans rights” with Dylan Mulvaney (credit: Screenshot from NowThis News YouTube channel)]


  • Sarah Cain

    Sarah Cain, known as The Crusader Gal, is a political and cultural commentator who makes regular videos about the decline of the West, and she writes Homefront Crusade. Originally from England, she lauds the traditional values that have so far prevented America from succumbing to the darkness that envelops Europe.

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