It Is Not About Trump, It’s About Us

The Trump indictments are not about getting rid of Trump. It’s really about getting us, smelly conservatives and Christians, patriots who love this country.

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Indictments are coming fast and furious now. They seem to be timed with bad news about corrupt Joe Biden and his corrupt family. This week’s indictment by Department of Justice Democrat Jack Smith was timed to the House testimony from Devon Archer, Hunter’s former partner in crime.

Trump has now been indicted three times. The Manhattan Democrat Alvin Bragg says Trump lied 34 times on business records. Jack Smith federally indicted Trump a few months ago for supposedly mishandling secret documents, something Hillary and Biden did more clearly and abundantly. Smith indicted Trump this week for claiming the election was stolen and for acting on that belief. It was undoubtedly rigged. It is expected the Democrat in Atlanta will indict Trump for trying to get a recount of the Georgia presidential vote.

Do you see a pattern here? The Democratic Party is trying to take out its chief political opponent. Democrat lawyers are indicting Trump. It was Democrat party operatives who initiated the Russia hoax against Trump that roiled our country for four years and even now. It was Democrats on the Hill who impeached Trump twice on trumped-up, phony charges.

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But here’s the thing. It is not about Trump. It is about us. It’s always been about us. 

It’s not just about getting rid of Trump. It’s really about getting us, smelly conservatives and Christians, patriots who love this country. By taking out Trump, they are taking out everybody associated with him, including those who voted for him and put him into office. And it burns their keisters that we voted for Trump not once but twice. Trump received more votes from us than any incumbent president in history. And we may be poised to vote for him again, unless they can bloody him up. 

But this kind of thing is not remotely new. The Left has hated the likes of us long before they hated Trump. Consider, in 1963, it was a communist who killed President Kennedy, but at the time the Democrats said it was someone on the Right who killed him. When they found out Lee Harvey Oswald was a Commie, they changed their story; Kennedy was killed by “hate.” That meant he was killed by an “atmosphere” created by us. 

In those days, Richard Hofstadter published his highly influential theory about the “paranoid style” in American politics. That was one of their early theories about us. They hated us then; they hate us now. 

This kind of thing continues today. Barack Obama said we were bitter people clinging to our Bibles and our guns. Hillary Clinton said we were irredeemable deplorables.  Barack Obama said we were bitter people clinging to our Bibles and our guns. Hillary Clinton said we were irredeemable deplorables. Tweet This

The most fatal rhetorical weapon today is the epithet “racist.” So, the Democrats find ways to call us racist, even when they lie about it, which is all the time. Remember when John Lewis and the Congressional Black Caucus walked through a crowd of Tea Partiers and claimed one of them called him the N-word. They were offered thousands of dollars to produce any audio or video demonstrating this. They couldn’t because it never happened. 

Jussie Smollett told cops he was beaten by white “MAGA Republicans” in the dark of night on a cold and windy street in Chicago. The mainstream media all believe and run with these lies because they hate us. 

Consider what they did to the pro-life kid from Covington, Kentucky, who stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in his MAGA hat and was verbally assaulted by a lunatic gang of “Black Hebrew Israelites” and then by a Native American “elder.” He was publicly crucified for months because they hate us.

Remember when FBI agent Peter Strzok told his FBI girlfriend Lisa Page that he went to a Walmart and he could “smell” Trump supporters. He could smell us. And this was the guy investigating Trump. 

They hate us. 

The FBI raided the home of a pro-life Catholic because he defended his son from a crazed abortion supporter at an abortion clinic. The FBI raided his house with more than 20 men in tactical gear after the local prosecutors declined to move forward.

Consider that pro-life pregnancy help centers are being burned down, and the Democrat Attorney General Merrick Garland said it is hard to find the perpetrators because their crimes were, get this, committed in the dark. How many hundreds of Christian churches have been burned or otherwise defaced? And the corporate media ignores it. 

They hate us. 

Consider that the Democrats want hate crimes legislation for those who deign to criticize homosexuality and transgenderism. They say Christian therapists torture young homosexual men. All lies. The anti-Christian Human Rights Campaign says there is an epidemic of “trans” women being murdered, and it lists Christian and conservative groups on its Hate List. 

They hate us.

Look at what has happened to the 1,000 people indicted and prosecuted for protesting the rigged election at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Most of them walked into the Capitol building, looked around, took pictures, and left. They jailed grandmothers for this! These mostly innocent people have languished in a Democrat jail for months, and some have gotten years-long prison sentences. One of them committed suicide. 

They do this because they hate us.

They cannot jail all of us, though they’d like to, so they are going after Trump. Rush Limbaugh pointed out a few days before his passing that they want to sever our relationship with Trump and, therefore, silence us. As he rightly said, we have been here much longer than Trump and will be here after he is gone.

No matter what we do or say, they will hate us. In the meantime, justice requires that we who are hated should stand with the scapegoat.  

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