Joe Hosts a Heretic

President Biden hosted a cadre of heretics at his St. Patrick's Day party, including Fr. James Martin.

Joe Biden is a heretic who eats and drinks his own spiritual death every time he unworthily takes Communion, which is all the time.

So, it is unsurprising Old Joe hosted another well-known heretic, Fr. James Martin, S.J., at the White House last Sunday for St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick chased the snakes out of Ireland, and here was Old Joe allowing them to slither into the White House. It is unsurprising Old Joe hosted another well-known heretic, Fr. James Martin, S.J., at the White House last Sunday for St. Patrick’s Day. Tweet This

Let’s review the heresies of Fr. James Martin, S.J.

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Martin looks forward to the day when married gays can kiss at the sign of peace. He tells same-sex attracted people that God made them that way and that “He does not make junk.” He believes there is more than one “sexual orientation.” He says Catholic teaching on homosexuality has not been “received” and, therefore, can change. He says the same thing about contraception. 

He says the Church’s teaching on homosexuality must change from “disordered” to “differently ordered.” He says the Church’s teaching on homosexuality is “subhuman.” Martin says we must “reverence” committed, that is to say active, homosexual relationships. He says Catholic adoption agencies must place children with homosexuals or be guilty of “homophobia.” He believes the homosexual desire is among the deepest parts of a human being. One could go on and on.

And all the while, Fr. Martin insists that he does not oppose any teachings of the Church. He spreads his heresies wherever he goes, including the White House. 

But, you say, he has been welcomed into the Vatican to sit down with the pope. True enough. And he has been appointed to various Vatican committees, including one on communication. It should be pointed out that the Holy Father is not infallible in the guests he invites into his presence.

I think Francis has no real idea of what Martin does and says and is generally up to with regard to normalizing sodomitical relationships. The pope does not read Crisis Magazine. So, who’s to tell him? The various heretics around him? Not likely. They are telling him, “Holy Father, those evil conservatives hate him because he wants to meet gays where they are!” And, “Holy Father, you know, those Trads want them to burn in Hell.” Without a doubt, we hear, to say the least, uncertain trumpets coming from Vatican City these days. Such trumpets sound an awful lot like the wah-wah-wah coming from the mouth of James Martin. No doubt, they know him well in certain Vatican offices. 

He wasn’t the only heretic hosted by the Heretic-in-Chief. Jesuit Thomas Reese was there. I don’t know all of his heresies, but I know one of them is his support for contraception, the font of most of the sexual evils for almost a century. He has called for the Church to surrender on the question of homosexuality. I don’t know for sure, but I suspect there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between Fathers Reese and Martin.

A passel of Kennedys was there. How far from the tree! John Kennedy was a sinner, as are we all, but he was not a dissenter. Did you know that on that plane ride back to Washington, D.C., after Kennedy had his head blown off, LBJ was not sworn in on a Bible? According to historian Paul Kengor, they swore him in on a big fat Missal, the kind TLM Catholics use to this day. They found it in the plane. It belonged to Jack or Jackie. But you can figure that among the 30 or so Kennedys pictured with Joe, every single one of them dissents from Catholic teaching, and not a one dissents from the sexual revolution.

And so, it makes perfect sense that Old Joe would invite such a priest as James Martin to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Joe Biden is in lockstep with a number of Church heresies. Joe believes in abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. He says kids have a human right to have their privates chopped off. Of course, he favors homosexual marriage, adoption, etc. These are old news. 

But the new thing is that he wants to institute hate crime laws against Catholics and others who oppose this new sexual dogma. He has initiated a global jihad out of USAID to punish Catholics anywhere in the world who vocally oppose this agenda.

Do not despair. This is marvelous. Why? Because He knows what He is about, and what did He do? He sent us to defend His Church and His creation at a time of maximum danger. This is as good as anything that happened in the second century. Do not miss this remarkable moment where the heretics bask in the sun and we are called upon to defend Holy Mother Church. 


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