Now That Everyone Cares About Pederasty …

We have Milo Yiannopoulos to thank that everyone all of a sudden cares about pederasty, even those who have never commented on it before. We can now expect an awakened pundit and policy class to notice one of the serious problems in the homosexual world. Right?

In case you don’t know, almost overnight, the writer and British provocateur Milo Yiannapoulos became the scourge of the political left. He did this in the pages of Breitbart News, on Twitter until he was banned, and in his public appearances, mostly on college campuses. His public persona is as a bitchy gay man who will say practically anything as long as it offends leftist sensibilities.

It must be known that I do not support or endorse everything Milo has ever said or done. There will be those who will cut and paste part of this column and try to tether me to the most egregious things Milo has said and done. Milo’s private life, which he describes in often excruciating and disgusting detail in public, is abhorrent. I also do not endorse his frequent use of vulgar language. And I have no truck with the alt-right as we have come to understand them.

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Nonetheless, Christian conservatives like Milo for a whole host of reasons. Chief among them is that he fights back and does not play by the Marquess of Queensbury rules, something hitherto required of the right but not the left. The hideous left has captured college campuses and shouted down any voices opposing them. Milo does not put up with that. He punches back.

We bracket and disapprove of his private life, but recognize that on issues important to Christian conservatives, Milo is practically one of us.

He has repeatedly written against the killing of unborn children in abortion. Even though he is homosexual, he has spoken against same-sex “marriage.” He has been so outspoken against contraception that Hillary Clinton attacked him for this during the campaign. He has written more on this issue than practically any bishop in the country. He repeatedly praises traditional sex roles, and he has consistently defended the teachings of the Catholic Church.

For a real eye-opener, there is an old video of a younger Milo debating gay singer Boy George on the BBC about same-sex “marriage.” Among the reasons against same-sex “marriage,” Milo says it would encourage young people to think same-sex relationships were okay which, he says, they are not.

In recent days, however, Milo has deservedly gotten into serious trouble for some things he said on two podcasts a year ago. On the Joe Rogan Show he described learning gay sex when he was 14 from a priest. On a podcast called Drunken Peasant, he seems to speak approvingly of the relationship a 13-year-old boy may have with an older gay man. As a result, organizers cancelled his speaking engagement at this week’s CPAC, the premier annual gathering of conservative activists near Washington, DC; his book deal with Simon & Schuster was cancelled; and he resigned from his bread and butter, Breitbart News.

In the current controversy, it is important to make a distinction that even Milo failed to make, a distinction that homosexuals and the media, including the conservative media, refuse to make, too. What Milo described was not pedophilia, which is sexual contact with pre-pubescent children. What he described was pederasty, which is an ancient and current practice among homosexuals where an older man will teach a young boy about the world and also sodomize him. Pedophila is always against the law. Pederasty is, too, but only when it involves a boy under the age of consent; 16 in the United States but, shockingly, 14 or 15 in most of the European Union.

The left wants you to know that what Milo describes was pedophilia because it lets them off the hook for what it is, pederasty, which is common among them and also disgusting.

You’ll recall the priest sex scandal. That was almost exclusively pederasty—homosexual men preying on teen boys—though even now is still presented as pedophilia, including by the Church. Peter Wolfgang of the Family Institute of Connecticut tells the truth, “The culture only recognizes something unhealthy in the homosexual lifestyle when it is convenient to the Left to do so. And then they pretend it’s about pedophilia.”

The fact is Milo told the truth when he said this sick coupling is seen by homosexuals as important to confused teen boys. They see it that way but it is something they are eager to hide and to deny.

How common is it? A 1992 study of homosexual and bi-sexual men showed that 37 percent had “been encouraged or forced to have sexual contact before age 19 with an older or more powerful partner.” The Sigma Project carried out in Great Britain found “50 percent of homosexuals had their first same-sex experience with an adult by the age of 14,” which is two years below the age of consent in that country.

There are many more studies that show the same thing but there are also men who come from that world who speak out. Robert Oscar Lopez came to fame a few years ago when he announced he was raised by lesbians, was bi-sexual himself, and still opposed gay “marriage.” He agreed with Milo. Writing at the Stream he said, “…what [Milo] said is quite common in gay subculture, almost banal…”

He goes on, “It is naive to think that you can encourage a 7th grader to identify as gay and then be shocked when he has sex with a man. Given the shortage of gay-identified boys within his age range, he will probably be initiated by an older man and then fall in with increasingly older men until he’s now 15 and sleeping with 45-year-olds.”

He points to the traumatic case of college student Tyler Clementi who fell in sexually “with very shady older men” and who eventually jumped off the George Washington Bridge in New York. His death was not blamed on the obviously abusive relationship he had with his older initiators into Gayworld but on the “homophobia” of his roommate who was probably forced to see Tyler with these older men in their dorm room.

Lopez talks about Dustin Lance Black, the director of a movie celebrating the life of San Francisco politician and noted pederast Harvey Milk, who seduced the 19-year-old star of that movie. Homosexual provocateur Michelangelo Signorile boasted of Black’s “intergenerational intimacy” in the Huffington Post and said if you objected you were no more than a bigot.

Ex-gay porn actor Joseph Sciambra writes extensively on this subject and points to the long-standing fascination gay boys have for older men and vice versa. Sciambra, now a faithful Catholic, said when as a boy he finally had the courage to walk into a gay bar what he found were an enormous number of older men eager to show him the ropes, which they did, and pass him around. Already wounded by his own relationship with his father, Sciambra eagerly sought refuge there. He says the same story can be told of practically all gay men, though they won’t admit it to you or me.

Mike Albo published a story in New York Magazine called “Rise of the Daddies” and his own shock when his own younger boyfriend first said to him, “You’re my daddy.” The father-son relationship is one of the biggest sellers in gay pornography. A homosexual porn star who specializes in the genre said, “These guys are constantly throwing themselves at Dad … and how many of us wished we had an older someone to guide us and at lease advise us and we are left on our own.”

Going back even further, in a pair of Weekly Standard articles, social commentator Mary Eberstadt exposed how pedophilia and pederasty are respected subjects in noted gay literature.

In short, what Milo described and what he is being excoriated for is common in the homosexual world. So, it is heartening that the left is up in arms about Milo and pederasty. Heartening, too, that the writers of National Review, RedState and other conservative outlets are outraged.

One hopes their outrage will last longer than the scalping of Milo. But I am not holding my breath. After all, these outlets have never spoken out about the tawdry and dangerous sexual lives of gay men. They have been content at the most to endorse traditional marriage, though it should be noted that the managing editor of National Review endorsed same-sex “marriage” in a cover story no less.

Not even the paladins of the traditional marriage movement have been willing to talk about the subject of gay sex. That has been left to such heroes as Bobby Lopez, Joe Sciambra, Brian Camenker of MassResistance, and Robert Reilly, all of whom have been largely ignored both by Conservatism Inc. and Traditional Marriage Inc. If Milo’s conservative critics are sincerely opposed to pederasty as they now claim, should we not expect to hear their outrage over the gay lifestyle more often than we do?

Finally, it should be understood that Milo is a work in progress. A faithful Catholic I know well is in almost daily touch with him, and I hear there are others. Milo himself describes himself as a Catholic who “would be far worse if not for the Church.”

A holy priest I know has viewed hours of Milo tapes where he talks about his homosexuality and he says Milo does not evince any intellectual justification for his homosexuality, which is considered the biggest stumbling block for anyone considering exiting the gay world.

You may be repelled by Milo and justifiably so, but a thoroughly repentant Milo may be next to you in the pew one day. Oremus.


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