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One cannot deny the degree to which godlessness and woke madness has overwhelmed western culture when a U.S. Supreme Court appointee cannot even say what a woman is and German bishops are seriously considering blessing homosexual unions.

Clearly, our entire Church—the Body of Christis in a state of precipitous decline. At its current rate of decrease, membership in the Catholic Church will be inconsequential by the end of this century.

It is demoralizing to witness something you love so dearly fall to pieces in front of your eyes. At a time when the world needs the Church to be upright and speak with boldness and assurance on the issues that are destroying Western Civilization, too often she equivocates or remains silent.

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Many in the Churchclergy and laity alikefear that by being too bold they will turn away some who remain in the pews. If they speak against abortion, or contraception, or the LGBT narrative, or even the importance of regular Confession, they fear they’ll see an even steeper decline in Church membership.

Crisis Magazine absolutely rejects this view. We believe the Church is dwindling precisely because it fails to speak the Truth with authority; because it fails to consistently encourage lay people and clergy alike to serve as salt and leaven in the world.

This is important workand for that reason we’ve always ensured that our content is free for all who seek it. While Crisis Magazine is cost-free for end users, it is by no means free to produce, which is why we rely on readers like you to sustain our work.

Despite this economic reality, we’ve been exceedingly careful not to become one of those apostolates that continually nags its readers for money. We run just two fundraising campaigns per year, and because of your generosity, each seasonal request typically generates sufficient funds to finance our operation for the next six months. It helps that we run on a shoestring budget and maximize each dollar spent.

I’d like to keep our appeals to just two per year, but given rising costs this year, I’m not sure we can keep to that practice. There’s also the pressing need, long deferred, to revamp our website, which is quite old, with plug-ins that are out-of-date and no longer supported.

As conservatives, change can be difficult, but we really can’t wait any longer if we want to keep our site secure and vibrant.

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The revamped site will also enable us to integrate new social media tools that will permit us to push faithfully Catholic content on the most vital issues of the day.

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