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Notre Dame: Is It Still Catholic?

A professor at Notre Dame recently has offered and promoted abortion access to Notre Dame students, despite university policy and Indiana law. Will the university do anything about it?

When Love Isn’t Love

We sometimes do not love those people or those things we think we love. We may also love and not be aware of it. But the human heart, without grace, hardly beats at all. It is a tangle of vipers, and when it beats, it squeezes out its poison.

A Catholic School Moment?

Catholic schools in the United States are having a moment. For decades, enrollment in Catholic schools was in decline. However, enrollment is now up and most of the increase in enrollment can be explained by the utter failure of public-school systems.

Three Months of Dangerous Holidays

Columbus Day started an almost three-month cultural flagellation feast for liberals which continues through Thanksgiving, reaches a peak at Christmas, and culminates in January 6th.

The Hobbit in a Nutshell

At its deepest level, The Hobbit can be seen as a parabolic commentary on the words from St. Matthew’s Gospel that where our treasure is, there our heart will be also.

The Sedevacantist Wager

While I see the potential in the arguments of some sedevacantists, I cannot follow them because I believe that it is not fitting for there to be no pope.

Mama Told Us So

Catholics know wicked and perverted men in the hierarchy protect and promote one another, and we know they do not care what we think or how we feel. But we pray that some at least will begin to fight against the evil in their midst.

The Loss of the Heart of a Human Community

Every closing of a church is a knife to the heart of a real human community. In Canada the people feel it more keenly perhaps than in America. You did more than meet your neighbors at Mass; you met fellow travelers on the way to the four last things.

Destroying Culture Through Amnesia

The introduction of divisive critical race theory, historical revisionism, and the permeation of woke ideology into every crevice of school curriculums has led to a silencing of our culture’s stories.

America’s Grave Sensus Fidei-less Opinions

One thing is now clear: numberless faithful Catholics believe what Cardinal Müller does: the Synod on Synodality has been commandeered to subvert and distort the moral doctrine of the Church.

Modernism and “The Miracle of the Papacy”

I knew something about the “bad popes” of the past—and the technical limits of papal infallibility. But I still believed in some strange apotheosis whereby the contemporary popes could do no wrong. 

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