Radical Feminists Join Conservatives to Fight Trans Cult

Julia Beck was booted from the Baltimore LGBTQ Commission because she referred to a male rapist as male even though he says he’s female. They placed this male rapist in a woman’s prison where he proceeded to rape more women.

Beck is both a lesbian and a self-confessed “radical feminist” who told her story on an amazing panel at the Heritage Foundation this week:

Beck was accused of “violence” for referring to the male rapist as a male. The effort to vote Beck off the LGBTQ Commission was led by the Commission chairman, a man who says he’s a woman and—get this—a lesbian. A man, most likely one with a penis, who says he’s a lesbian. He would no doubt say his penis is female.

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During the hearing to kick her off, a gay man announced that “biological sex is a thing of the past.” Beck responded, “How can we be homosexual if sex is fake?”

A woman who identifies as a man testified against Beck. According to Beck, the woman had “just survived a hysterectomy and was shaking and complaining of hot flashes.” The woman said she was not and had never been a woman. She said, “It does not make me any less of a man that I have a vulva. It’s there and it’s masculine…” Beck wept as she told this woman’s story.

Beck told the largely conservative crowd, “There are only three sexualities: homosexual, heterosexual, and bi-sexual. All the hip new identities in the alphabet soup like non-binary, gender fluid, pansexual, are not real sexualities. Sexualities are based on sex while gender identities are based on stereotypes.” To underscore her point, consider that so-called “trans-women”, i.e., men, usually present themselves in the most exaggerated and even grotesque caricatures of women.

In my book, Fake Science, I report on homosexual men who complain that effeminate boys are immediately considered “trans-girls” rather than homosexuals. In the same way, girls who like climbing trees and like the color blue are considered “trans-boys.” Both “trans-boys” and “trans-girls” are pushed by “gender therapists” and other trans cultists into puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and eventually into brutal surgeries.

Jennifer Chavez, of the Women’s Liberation Front, told several stories of desperate mothers whose kids were stolen into the trans-cult. A 14-year-old girl “spontaneously” decided she was male and, according to her mother, went from a “sweet loving girl to a foul-mouthed hateful pansexual male.” The girl ran away from home and moved to Oregon, where she was given a double mastectomy and a radical hysterectomy, even though she had been diagnosed previously with ADHD, depression, and anxiety. She is now living on the streets and planning a surgery that would take part of her arm in order to create a crude penis. It will come with a mechanism to fake an erection.

Chavez said much of this contagion is spread via YouTube and other social media sites by Jazz Jennings and someone named Riley J. Dennis, who is famous for saying it is bigotry for males to avoid sex with “trans-women” such as himself. Dennis, one of the sickest and most dangerous people on social media, has a huge YouTube following where he discusses all manner of vile things such as how to have sex with someone in various stages of “transitioning.” A short clip of Jazz Jennings was shown at Heritage in which he was celebrating his impending castration. It showed a “penis” cake that Jennings gleefully sliced to the repugnant cheers of his family and friends.

Kara Dansky, also of the Women’s Liberation Front, said,

The issue is really about the intellectual bankruptcy of gender identity ideology and the importance of language. No one really knows what these words mean; all definitions of gender identity either reinforce sexist stereotypes or are completely tautological and rely on regressive sex-based stereotypes. A man identifies as a woman because he is nurturing and compassionate and he likes to wear dresses. This is insulting to women who worked hard to get into the workplace and dress the way we like. It is insulting to say women are defined by what we wear.

The remarkable thing about the Heritage panel was that it even happened in the first place. These were four radical feminists who have virtually nothing in common with conservatives other than opposition to the trans ideology. They made the rounds of DC-based left-of-center groups but none were interested. This is how deeply the trans cult has imbedded itself into the body politic, especially on the left. Hat’s off to Ryan Anderson and Heritage for stepping up to host the panel, the ostensible purpose of which was to encourage opposition to a Congressional bill called the Equality Act that would enshrine the trans ideology into American law. These radical feminists are having none of it. They argue passionately that this is an invasion of female space.

Trans ideology has allowed a male rapist into a female prison. It has allowed males to compete in female sports. It has forced women to accept men into showers and locker rooms. It has allowed a man to be named Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the Year. Women who object are vilified and harassed on social media. They lose friends and social standing. They even lose jobs.

The Equality Act would mean that under the legal concept of public accommodation, the federal government will take away any and all women-only spaces in the country. One of the speakers called the trans-cult a “men’s rights movement.”

The end of Beck’s talk was poignant. She said, “I am here because I care about women.” The packed audience of conservatives cheered.

Editor’s note: Pictured above are participants of a January 28 panel discussion on “gender equality” at The Heritage Foundation; from left to right: Ryan T. Anderson, Julia Beck, Jennifer Chavez, Kara Dansky, and Hacsi Horvath. (Photo courtesy of The Heritage Foundation)


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