Rand Paul addresses Maddow appearance in unnoticed interview.

While Kentucky senatorial candidate Rand Paul pulled back from the national media after his Rachel Maddow Show appearance, he did allow one interview on Friday with local television station WHAS11. It hasn’t gotten much notice, but it’s worth reading.

Paul said one lesson learned from the MSNBC experience is “I need to be very careful about going on certain networks that seem to have a bias.  Because it really wasn’t the interview so much that was unfair.  The interview I think was very fair. But then they went on a whole day repeating something over and over again.  It makes me less inclined to go on a network.”

Paul’s beef is with repeated claims by MSNBC personalities, claims that Paul describes as “lies” perpetuated by the Democratic National Committee, that Paul wanted to repeal the Civil Rights Act.  The claim has also been advanced by Democratic Senate opponent Jack Conway.  Hardball host Chris Matthews corrected the error on Thursday.

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Does he take some responsibility for the answers not being answered?

“Yeah, I think so,” Paul continued, “But the other thing that’s interesting is our Senate campaign has become more the level of attention of a presidential campaign gets and so you can see how people sort of like doggedly grab an issue and won’t let go, and I think that kind of stuff can happen sometimes when you get into an issue.”

Paul said, unlike longtime politicians who are often coached and accompanied by aides and to whom access is restricted, he is “more frank and open and I think some people want that in government.  They want a new type of person to go to government that isn’t one of these people protecting layer on layer and who will give a 20 minute interview and never say anything.”

Here’s the entire interview. A big hat tip to Below the Beltway.



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