Stick It to the Man

Good friends came over the other night with their six kids to watch School of Rock, the story of never-was rocker Dewey Finn who pretends to be a substitute teacher at a swank middle school. Rather than teach the usual curriculum, he teaches them rock ‘n’ roll so they can win a Battle of the Bands and pocket $20,000. Starring the fantastic Jack Black, it is one of our family’s favorite movies.

We warned them in advance that some of the language could be offensive. What they found more objectionable was that the movie’s theme encouraged rebellion against authority. Black tells the kids to “stick it to the man.”

The Broadway show, which we saw a few weeks ago in New York, includes a terrific anthemic song called “Stick it to the Man.”

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When the world has screwed you,
And crushed you in its fist.
When the way you’re treated,
Has got you good and pissed.
There’s been one solution,
Since the world began.
Don’t just sit and take it,
Stick it to the man!

The kids on Broadway perform this thrusting their little fists into the air. It is thrilling and hilarious.

You may remember the laugh-out-loud 2008 Sprint commercial where a bald pinstriped business guy sits at his big desk in his fancy office waxing enthusiastically about Sprint’s new data plan.

“With Sprint’s new fair and flexible plan, no one can tell me what to do. I can talk when and how I want. It’s my little way of sticking it to the man.”

“But, you are the man,” says his young assistant.

“I know.”

“So, you are sticking it to yourself?”


It is entirely possible that this old white guy was “the man” in 2008.

And it was undoubtedly true such types were “the man” back in the heyday of rock ‘n’ roll. It was probably even true when School of Rock was made in 2003.

In those days, and farther back in the mists of time, parents were right to teach their kids respect for authority. “The man” may not have always been right, but he was to be respected because authority deserved respect. “The man” was most likely a defender of traditional values. He loved his country. He probably went to Church.

But guys like that are no longer even remotely “the man.” He got fired long ago. Just who is “the man” now? The multicultural, multisexual hard left who hates the founding and history of this country and certainly hates the Church properly understood. Oh, yes, and he/she/ze hates the family.

Consider this: The last time I checked a few years ago, fully 10 percent of the top executives at J.P. Morgan Chase—among the largest financial institutions in the world—are homosexual. J.P. Morgan brags about this on their website. Make no mistake, the remaining 90 percent may not be homosexual, but for darned sure they are “allies” all set to punish rebellious Christians. No way will they get into the executive suite without this ideological credential. A few years ago, J.P. Morgan Chase asked each of their employees, “Are you gay? Or are you an ally?” Believing Christians in the company were fearful if they answered truthfully. I know this because some of them called me.

You can multiply this across the Fortune 500. Take a look at the Human Rights Campaign, the anti-Christian hate group that purports to fight for homosexual/transgender rights. HRC’s annual “Corporate Equality Index” shows just how hostile most of corporate America is to traditional values. Almost half of the Fortune 500 companies have received a pro-gay pro-trans rating of 100 percent. The rest are close behind. And this is across all business sectors.

Now consider what would happen to an employee at any level who refuses to put one of those hateful rainbow stickers on their door? Consider what would happen to an employee who is doxed for donating to the Family Research Council, or who posts something on Facebook that is religious or supportive of man-woman marriage. He would be persecuted, and you know that’s true.

And this is not just for the Fortune 500. In New York City, any little grocer who “misgenders” someone consistently is liable to be fined $250,000. Consider the military where Evangelical pastors are mustered out because of upholding Church teaching on human sexuality. An Air force general once told me he was proud how easily they had incorporated openly homosexual soldiers into foxholes, barracks, and showers. He said the incorporation of the gender-confused would be just as easy.

And who do you think runs the universities? You and me? Leftist professors and administrators are persecuting Christian students all across America. What about the major print newsrooms where it is sexual leftism 24/7? And Hollywood? Hardly an orthodox Christian in sight.

In 2003, Jack Black said, “Stick it to the man.” That man does not exist any longer. There is an entirely new man, and he is not one of us.

Of course, the conceit of the left is that they are oppressed victims who still have to contend with “the man.” I wrote some months ago about the movie “Greatest Showman” where we were supposed to relate to P.T. Barnum’s “freaks” as today’s gays and trans and the vicious townsfolk are modern deplorables. This is laughable. After all, who had the $84 million production budget? Not us.

My friend Ralph Benko, as conservative as they come—a former Reagan administration official and a regular columnist at Forbes—also heads something called the Alinsky Institute. Yes, that Alinsky. Benko is friends with Saul Alinsky’s son David. Ralph argues that Alinsky was all about helping the powerless to challenge the powerful. Recall, Alinsky started out by helping poor blacks on the south side of Chicago get jobs in construction. But who needs Alinsky now?

So I say to our friends: The man is not who you think he is. This new man is doing evil to our country and to our children. Teach your children to question his authority. Teach your kids to “stick it to the man.”


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