“That tingling means it’s working!”

I had to run out to the Walmart to buy ketchup, and was arrested by a strange new product on the shelves:

It’s called Wrecking Balm– “a unique, devastatingly effective tattoo fade-removal system.”  I don’t even want to know how it works, but a stroll down Main Street, Anytown, USA will show you why your local Walmart is carrying it (hint:  it has to do with Red Bull and vodka, the decline and fall of western civilization, and, for some reason, Tweety Bird).
I do not have a tattoo (for once, my crippling indecisiveness at age 22 saved me, as I was unable to decide between a lion and a tiger, so I didn’t get anything).  Now I wear my plain old, moley, un-inked skin as a bold and challenging counter-cultural emblem.  And that feels good.
Hey, remember when Saturday Night Live was funny?  This was pretty funny (WARNING:  video shows a female bare back, and has a bleeped-out swear word.  If you are likely to be upset by that, then for the love of mike, please do not click on the link.)


  • Simcha Fisher

    Simcha Fisher is a cradle Hebrew Catholic, freelance writer, and mother of eight young kids. She received her BA in literature from Thomas More College in New Hampshire. She contributes to Crisis Magazine and Faith & Family Live!, and blogs at I Have to Sit Down. She is sort of writing a book.

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