The Little Lady Who Brought Down Alfred Kinsey


April 16, 2021

Alfred Kinsey was one of the great prophets of our time. Alfred Kinsey was one of the great devils of our time.

Between those two assertions lies a fantastic tale that pitted a determined little woman named Judith Reisman against the sexual researcher Alfred Kinsey.

In his time, Alfred Kinsey bestrode the world like a colossus. An expert in insects, he nonetheless turned his attention to humans when he founded the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University in 1947. He published two books that utterly changed America and the world: Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1947) and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1952). His books were as influential as Darwin’s On the Origin of Species and Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto. They were the fuse that lit the sexual revolution. No longer would American men and women view themselves the same as before.

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He asserted that between 10-37 percent of adults had committed homosexual acts. Fourteen percent performed and 30% received homosexual oral sex with climax at least once. A whopping 94% had committed adultery. Eleven percent of married men had participated in anal sodomy at least once. He reported that 50% of adults responded sexually to, get this, getting bitten. Fifty percent of farm boys had sex with animals. Kinsey wrote, “With most males, animal contacts represent a passing chapter in the sexual history.” He says with “most males,” this is merely a passing fad.

Kinsey introduced the idea that sexuality is on a continuum. He called it the “Heterosexual-Homosexual Rating Scale.” The scale ranges from 0 for exclusive heterosexuality to 6 for exclusive homosexuality. Consider how nutty and unscientific his scale is. Number 2 on the scale is “predominantly heterosexual, and only incidentally homosexual.” How is one “only incidentally homosexual”? How many times? Two? A dozen? Once a year? Ten times? Or is this based not on activity but desire? How much desire? How often desire? How intense? It should be noted that practically any college freshman can suavely recite the dogma that “of course, sexual orientation is on a continuum.” Note, also, how casually this places a normal desire for sex alongside the perverse.

Have you ever heard the claim that 10% of the population is homosexual? That comes from Kinsey, sort of. He reported that 7% of men and 13% of women were “predominantly homosexual.” A homosexual activist, on his way to meet with President Jimmy Carter in 1977, decided to split the difference and came up with the 10% figure. Of course, this is false, fake science. Still, it has burrowed its way into our national consciousness such that practically nothing can blast it out. Now younger cohorts think 25% of Americans are gay. The most robust study, which came from the Centers for Disease Control a few years ago, showed no more than 1.6% of Americans are homosexual. There are more Methodists.

Among his most heinous propositions was that children are “sexual from birth,” a proposition that has resonated from the halls of the United Nations and to the grade school down the road from where you read this. UNESCO actually issued a document urging parents to teach toddlers how to masturbate. At our local grade school and yours, they teach kindergartners that sex is assigned at birth and that boys can be girls.

Kinsey was one of the great gods of the sexual revolution. He set men and women free to rut like dogs with no consequences. He was unassailable. According to the legal database Westlaw, between 1980 and 2000, there were 650 citations of Kinsey’s work. Major law journals have cited him. So has the Supreme Court, particularly when they imposed abortion on the country.

All that went along swimmingly until a little woman—no more than 5’2—named Judith Reisman came along and almost singlehandedly took Kinsey down. He has never been the same.  

Reisman started life as a Commie. Her mom and dad were card-carrying Commies. Reisman wrote jingles for TV and then discovered a neighbor boy had abused her daughter. This sent Reisman on a lifetime search for answers and, finding them, fighting back. She earned a Ph.D. from Case Western University and began a lifelong campaign against pornography. She read the cartoons in Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler and pointed out the predominance of pedophilia. Hustler actually published a long-time cartoon character called Chester the Molester.

In the 1970s, Reisman was urged to look closely at the so-called Kinsey Reports and look into Kinsey and his colleague Wardell Pomeroy’s lives and methods. Even she did not know what was in store for her. She asked why and was told, “one is a pedophile, and the other is homosexual.”

What she discovered and publicized was horrific. Consider notorious Table 34—“Examples of multiple orgasms in pre-adolescent males”—in Kinsey’s book on male sexuality. It cites the sexual responses of children. The experiment demonstrated that babies in the crib could achieve sexual climax many times in an hour. An 11-month-old baby had ten orgasms in an hour. Another had 14 in 38 minutes. This is in Kinsey’s book. Some of them cried. Kinsey said that was a natural response to sexual release. This information was in his report all along, but it took the tenacious Judith Reisman to expose it.

Judith Reisman, this petite, jolly, tenacious, intense, righteous Jew, was relentlessly attacked by the sexual Left for her troubles. She was ostracized by academia. She was sued. She won. And Kinsey will never be the same.

Judith Reisman died at her desk a few days ago. She was 86 years old.

[Photo Credit: Sold No More]


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