The Rainbow Shakedown

The annual Rainbow Shakedown of America’s corporations continues. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has released its Corporate Equality Index for 2020. They announced it at Davos, no less. The Corporate Equality Index is the annual threat to corporate America that they better step into line with the gay elite because hell hath no fury as a rainbow scorned. It is reminiscent of what Jesse Jackson used to pull back in the day when his Rainbow Coalition had a slightly different meaning. In those days, if you didn’t give in to Jesse’s civil rights hustle, that is, by handing over your cash, you’d pay in terms of boycotts, shaming, litigation possibly, or even governmental intrusion.

The shakedown has transferred to the newer rainbow.

The Corporate Equality Index lists 1,059 corporations and how they go about favoring all things LGBT. The report’s executive summary explains, “where businesses enumerate federally protected categories of workers in their nondiscrimination policies (e.g., based on race, religion, disability, etc.), the HRC Foundation evaluates them on the inclusion of ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’ protections.” It should be noted that sexual orientation and gender identity are not categories of nondiscrimination in federal law. This, however, is something the LGBTs are eager to do through the Equality Act, which is stalled in Congress.

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Besides the provision of health insurance for same-sex spouses and partners, the report measures the availability of sex change coverage and coverage for chronic issues related to the kinds of transgender surgical enormities advocated by the HRC. The report also requires businesses to advocate for LGBTs in “advertising, public policy engagement, supplier diversity, philanthropy, and sponsorship.”

They say the report is merely a “roadmap to LGBTQ inclusion, but it cannot serve as a holistic assessment of any employer’s unique workplace culture and individual experiences.” The implied threat is that corporations must come up with wholly new ways to advance the agenda.

So, how are American corporations doing, according to the gay elite? First, note that more than 1,000 corporations have voluntarily participated in the questionnaire. This includes almost all of the Fortune 500. What shouldn’t surprise anyone is that a majority of reporting companies get a 100 percent rating: 686 businesses earned the highest rank. This is 64 percent of the total.

Fully 91 percent of the Fortune 500 boast gender identity protections enumerated in their nondiscrimination policies. A whopping 98 percent of those businesses in the report offer such protections. 89 percent of reporting businesses offer sex change coverage.

Remember when Rex Tillerson was appointed Secretary of State? He came from the helm of Exxon Mobil, the largest oil company in the world. One of the knocks on Mr. Tillerson was that Exxon Mobil received a zero score from the HRC. Exxon has certainly wised up: they are now at 85 percent. Exxon will likely wise up further in the coming years. After all, there is nothing quite as gay as the oil business.

U.S. Steel wised up. It went from 20 percent last year to 100 percent this year.

The law firm Holland and Hart moved from 35 to 100 percent in one year. Note that almost all the major law firms in the country stand at 100 percent. Understand that none of them will represent you when you say no to the gay bullies.

Mattel went from 65 to 100 percent in a single year. So did Sony Interactive Entertainment.

How is it that Discovery Communications (Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel,  and much else) languishes at 20 percent? For one, they don’t pay for sex changes. How weird is that?

Winn Dixie is one of the few companies that actually went down. They moved from 35 to 30 percent over the past 12 months. And those poor homophobic saps at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina dropped from 55 to 45 percent.

What happens when all of corporate American stands at 100 percent according to the current HRC criteria? HRC will simply move the goal post. Note that they said the current criteria are not “holistic.” There will be more and more and more. But that’s not a problem, because corporate C-Suites have been completely taken over by LGBTs and  their allies—or else those who are simply afraid to cross this powerful lobby. The last time I checked years ago, something on the order of 10 percent of those occupying the top 50 executive positions at J.P. Morgan Chase identified as homosexual. I reported then on a survey sent to all J.P. Morgan Chase employees around the world asking them to identify themselves either as “LGBT” or as an “ally.” Christian employees worried that they would be punished if they refused to answer the question.

In his masterful new book, The Age of Entitlement, Christopher Caldwell explains how 1964 marked the end of our old constitution and the beginning of an entirely new constitutional framework based on “civil rights.” He argues, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a new constitution that empowered the federal government to intrude on all aspects of our lives and to bring the full weight of the federal bureaucracy to bear on anyone and any institution they deemed reluctant to accept the new constitution. Caldwell says it upended the Constitutional right to assembly and, by implication, our freedom of association.

The massive new government enforcement apparatus determined that it was not enough to show your company had non-discriminatory practices and procedures. No: you had to show raw numbers. This is when affirmative action entered into American companies and when quotas entered into college admissions. Eventually, as Caldwell explains, businesses wised up and began enforcing the new constitution all on their own, usually in the name of “diversity.” Caldwell calls this the “privatization” of government enforcement.

What the anti-Christian HRC annual report demonstrates is that corporations have also privatized the enforcement of this new gay category of civil rights entitlement that is not even recognized by federal law. American corporations—large and small, across all categories—are miles ahead of federal law. They are gay and getting gayer.

So, the next time someone tries to tell you the LGBTs are at so much risk, and how powerful forces threaten them, ask them the last time a Christian conservative group got the podium at Davos. The answer is Never. And they never will. Haters don’t get a platform, and certainly not at Davos.

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