The War Has Only Just Begun

Columnist Damon Linker has had one of those emotional meltdowns we have come to expect from Never-Trump dead-enders.

Mr. Linker has his nose out of joint about a lot of things Trump. Right now, he’s cranky that Trump hasn’t conceded the election. It’s an assault on our fragile democracy or something.

In a recent column for The Week, Mr. Linker compares Trump to—get this—Satan. Original, no? How many times over the past four years have we heard that Trump is literally or figuratively Satan, Voldemort, Hitler, and so on? There must be a “Trump is Hitler” shortcut on Mr. Linker’s keyboard so as not to slow down the emoting.

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Mr. Linker compares President Trump to a “demonic force who rises up in defiance of God, tempts human beings toward sin, inspiring evil, sowing chaos and disorder, tearing down good things, desecrating the beautiful.” You get the idea. But you could have written this in your sleep, so often have we heard the litany of Trump hate.

Mr. Linker, a former Christian who used to write as a Catholic, is distressed that Trump has not yet conceded. President Trump has “crossed a line”—how many lines has Trump crossed, according to the likes of Mr. Linker?—“into an attack on the system.” Oh, no! Not “the system”!

He says Satan/Trump and his minions—that is, you and I—want Americans to believe that a Biden administration is illegitimate. Illegitimate? That has a familiar ring to it. We heard that line all day, every day, for the last four years of the Trump administration.

More than anything, Mr. Linker wants us to forget some things.

He wants us to forget that the Democrat Party sent thugs into then-candidate Trump’s campaign rallies to start fights and put him in a bad light. He wants us to forget there are Democratic operatives on video talking about this tactic.

He wants us to forget all the lies told about Trump. Trump never said all Mexican immigrants are rapists. He never said Nazis were very fine people. Trump never banned all Muslims from coming into our country. He never refused to condemn white supremacists, and, in fact, he condemned them many times. These are lies. All lies. And there are lots more.

Mr. Linker wants us to forget that the Obama administration sent a CIA spy named Stefan Halper to trap Carter Page into passing along gossip about the Russians. Page braggingly passed this gossip along to an Australian diplomat, who duly called the FBI, and voilà, there’s the predicate to use the American justice system’s full force to go after President Trump. This skullduggery resulted in a multiyear investigation that came to exactly nothing except the exoneration of Mr. Trump.

Mr. Linker wants us to forget that the Obama administration sent FBI agents into the White House to investigate the president-elect’s foreign-policy adviser for the crime of doing his job: talking to foreign leaders. Then the FBI lied about what he said to them and put him into legal peril that exists to this day. In recent days, Joe Biden has been talking to foreign leaders as a private citizen. I doubt there are any spooks tailing him.

Mr. Linker wants us to forget that the Obama administration gathered “intelligence” from shady Russians and Brits, the now-infamous Steele dossier, and used it to lie the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court into ordering further spying on the Trump administration.

Mr. Linker wants us to forget that the Steele dossier was paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign. He wants us to forget that the FBI and the CIA were weaponized against President Trump using this phony document. Mr. Linker bemoans an attack on our system because Trump has not conceded a few weeks after the election, but he is silent on the massive attempt to subvert our democracy in 2016. He probably cheered it on.

Mr. Linker wants us to forget that Trump was impeached on a phony whistleblower’s specious testimony about a totally legitimate phone call to the President of Ukraine about charges of Biden corruption in Ukraine. The impeachment was a sham from stem to stern. The real issue was that Trump stood up to the “interagency task force” on Ukraine—a task force that I never voted for. (Did you?) Whiny bureaucrats and criminal Congressmen in cahoots with the lying media almost brought down a duly elected President. Mr. Linker wants us to forget this.

One wonders how President Trump kept going after four years of having these political hyenas on his back. And Mr. Linker wonders why Trump may be a little cranky about that. One also wonders how President Trump accomplished anything with these hyenas on his back. He achieved a great deal.

Trump appointed three originalists to the Supreme Court. Trump ended the dangerous Obama deal with Iran and the Paris Climate Accords. He renegotiated trade deals that deeply harmed the working man. Trump destroyed the territorial ISIS caliphate. He delivered the lowest unemployment in half a century. He delivered the lowest unemployment for blacks, women, and Hispanics in history. He is the first President in recent memory who has not taken us into war.

But there’s still more.

Donald Trump has been the most pro-life president in history, and in ways that most people don’t even know about. Did you know there is an active office of conscience protection in the Department of Health and Human Services that is hearing complaints from medical students being forced to learn abortion? Does anyone but experts know that Trump drew a red line around the abortion term “reproductive health and rights” in UN documents? He did this with a hostile deep state fighting him every step of the way.

Mr. Linker wants us to forget the crimes committed against Donald Trump and to forget Trump’s extraordinary accomplishments.

One wonders what Trump could have accomplished if the hyenas had let him do the job he was elected to do. And here’s something you should understand, Mr. Linker. You want us to forget all this. But we won’t. You and yours declared war on Trump, and you carried it out every day. That war is not over. We have not surrendered. Welcome to the whirlwind.

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