Their Sexual Proclivities Are Killing Them

It is clear from their relatively tiny numbers—only a few million in a total population of 318,000,000—that men who have sex with men (MSM)* are not “everywhere” as MSM insist they are. It is also clear from their sexual activities, particularly related to anal sex, that their sexual practices also set them apart from the normal population.

MSM will continue to insist they are just like everyone else. They will insist they have been with their current lover for ten, twenty, thirty years. But even MSM are beginning to admit that this, too, is nothing more than propaganda. Their sally into marital bliss is a sham and not much more. Some call it the “dirty little secret” of the MSM world, that they want the white picket fence and marital fidelity when what they really want are open relationships where they can have multiple partners often quite anonymously.

MSM have wanted desperately to shield the normal population from the reality of their sordid lives and one reason is they do not want us to know how disease ridden is their “community.” Their sexual proclivities are costing the rest of us billions of dollars a year in direct medical costs and billions more in lost productivity. And they will insist all along that their sexual practices cannot change, should not change, since these practices are a part of who they are.

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Independent researcher Dale O’Leary published a hair-raising paper in The Linacre Quarterly two years ago called “The Syndemic of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases (STD) among MSM” that tells a plethora of uncomfortable truths about MSM.

Note her use of the term “syndemic.” This is beyond both an epidemic and a pandemic. A syndemic is two or more diseases in a population “in which there is some level of positive biological interaction that exacerbates the negative health effects of any or all of the diseases.”

In the world of MSM, it is not just HIV/AIDs, which is still rampant and growing. There are other diseases that tag along, many of which are deadly. In addition to these diseases there are also contributory pathologies such as promiscuity, alcoholism, drug abuse, and violence.

She writes, “In the 1970s, physicians were treating the large number of conditions affecting the lower intestinal tract of MSM under the classification ‘gay bowel syndrome.’ These included viral infections, infectious diarrheal diseases caused by bacteria and parasites, and injuries caused by anal sexual activity.”

MSM will try to convince you that anal sex is clean and does not put you in touch with fecal matter, particularly if you do it right, they say. They really talk like that. You may see this in the comment section below and in the comment sections of various MSM blogs.

O’Leary quotes Randy Shilts who—before he died of AIDs—wrote an influential book about the AIDs crisis called And the Band Played On:

In San Francisco, incidence of the “Gay Bowel Syndrome,” as it was called in medical journals, had increased by 8,000 percent after 1973. Infection with these parasites was a likely effect of anal inter- course, which was apt to put a man in contact with his partner’s fecal matter, and was virtually a certainty through the then-popular practice of rimming, which medical journals politely called oral-anal intercourse.

O’Leary points out how a cornucopia of nasty diseases has also been a point of pride for MSM since it points to their outsider revolutionary status. Among these diseases, then and now, are syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis A, B and C, cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr virus, human papillomavirus, cancroid, lymphogranuloma venereum, granuloma inguinale, pubic lice, pinworms, scabies, and flea bites. Flea bites?

Did things change with the introduction of HIV/AIDS among MSM? Of course not. You likely know the story. MSM pressure groups resisted any kind of public health interventions that would have stopped or at least slowed the disease that proceeded to mow down generations of young men. MSM refused to close the bath houses where they had multiple anonymous partners in a single evening. They rebuffed calls for routine testing and for partner tracing. The infected ones even argued they had no responsibility to tell future partners they carried a deadly disease.

O’Leary reports, “A 1986 study of MSM in New York City fund that 49.6% had not changed their behavior (Feldman 1986). A 1987 study found that 67% of MSM admitted engaging in anal intercourse without condoms during the previous year.” Note these studies were done after the massive HIV hysteria ginned up by MSM to demonstrate it wasn’t “their” disease but that everyone would get it. This was one of their early and crucial lies that they are like the rest of us.

Ideologues will often argue all we need is more public education on the matter. In fact, as O’Leary says, the problem is not ignorance. We are awash in condoms and in so-called safe-sex advocacy. But sexual buccaneering is part and parcel of who MSM are. As Gabriel Rotello—author of Sexual Ecology: AIDS and the Destiny of Gay Men and founder of OutWeek Magazine—wrote, “sexual brotherhood of promiscuity … any abandonment of that promiscuity would amount to a communal betrayal of gargantuan proportions.”

Rotello also said, “A stranger to gay culture, unaware of the reality of AIDS, might believe from much of the gay press that HIV infection was a sort of elixir that produced high self-esteem, solved long-standing psychological and substance abuse problems, and enhanced physical appearance … creating the subconscious impression that infection—the ‘penalty’ of unsafe sex—is really not so bad after all.”

One massive problem among MSM is promiscuity, and promiscuity on a grand scale. O’Leary writes, “Gay bars, gay bookstores, theaters, certain resort communities, and circuit parties have traditionally provided venues where MSM could engage in various forms of sexual activity with numerous partners.”

In the early ’80s, Center for Disease Control researchers were shocked “by the sheer number of sexual partners reported, typically over 1000.” There is no reason to think such behavior has subsided, particularly since who they are in their own minds is largely defined by what they do. In fact, a column by a young man in New York Magazine a few years ago celebrated his discovery of the easy anonymous sex he found at truck stops.

In the 1970s and ’80s, bathhouses were the scene of bacchanals right from pits of hell. Men could and did engage in anal intercourse under the influence of drugs for hours with multiple anonymous partners. While some of the bathhouses closed, the action shifted to so-called “Circuit” parties, massive fundraisers for AIDS that became little more than drug-and-booze-fueled attended by thousands and even tens of thousands.

With the advent of the Internet, men are now able to meet other sex-minded men on a moments “anywhere, anytime” as the website announces on its homepage. The site’s homepage image is of two men grappling at a front-door, another two getting it on in an office, and six young men in leather cavorting on a couch. is not the only one. There is also a truly vile site called Grindr where men advertise themselves in gruesome detail. Go onto these sites and you can have a quickie in a bathroom of a public park on the way to work … right now.

The introduction of retroviral drugs has made AIDS a chronic rather than a deadly disease so that young MSM maintain the argument that anal sex is their right and due but that it remains without real consequences. This tiny part of the population contributes 63 percent of the new HIV cases in the United States.

But it is not just rampant disease that defines the MSM syndemic. There are also psychological disorders and suicidal ideation. O’Leary reports that “well designed studies with large samples done in the US, New Zealand, UK, and the Netherlands have found that MSM were far more likely to have a history of psychological disorders, suicidal ideation, and substance abuse problems (Fergusson, Horwood, and Beautrais 1999; Herrell et al. 1999; Cochran Mays, and Sullivan 2003; Gilman et al. 2001; Sandfort et al. 2001, 2006; Warner et al. 2004).”

There is also drug abuse, particularly methamphetamine, which for many MSM has become inextricably linked to sex. There is also widespread use of the animal tranquilizer Ketamine, called “Special K,” also “poppers,” various nitrates that are inhaled to heighten the sexual experience and also make anal sex more acceptable. There is an increasing addiction to anabolic muscle-building steroids among MSM in order to make insecure men more appealing to other men in the hyper-yet-phony muscularized MSM culture.

Yet another part of the syndemic is the instance of early childhood sexual abuse that feeds into drug abuse, psychological problems, sexual acting out, and disease acquisition.

O’Leary writes, “Mounting research evidence suggests that men with a history of unwanted sexual activity during childhood are more likely than those without such a history to engage in sexual practices that place them at risk for contracting HIV (Dilorio, Hartwell, and Hansen 2002).” Her paper shows that besides rape in childhood, rape is a regular part of the MSM life.

And the cost of all this runs into the billions of dollars in direct medical costs and billions more in lost productivity. That is another thing they want to hide. Their sexual proclivities are costing us dearly.

No matter what you hear from any MSM you may know, no matter what you hear on TV about how normal they are, no matter what propaganda is rolled out on television about how picket-fence they are, those are simply lies to lull you into a position of acceptance and even celebration.

The awful fact is there are no sunny “gay” uplands. There is only sadness, loneliness, disease, and death.

*MSM (men who have sex with men) is the term used in the medical community when discussing those who otherwise are called gay or homosexual. The useful aspect of this term is that it focuses on behavior and not on identity.


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