They Are Not Everywhere. They Are Not Like Us.

Two of the great propaganda achievements of the radical homosexual movement are the now internalized beliefs that they are everywhere and they are just like us.

Many propositions laid the ground work for the change in public opinion from the time homosexuality was openly mocked to today when you can get fired even for poking gentle fun. Much of the polling changes in attitudes about homosexuality are grounded not in acceptance but in this kind of fear.

But, these two—that they are everywhere and just like us—are two monumental but highly effective lies.

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Polling data shows that most Americans think homosexuals are far numerous than they really are. Gallup shows that most Americans think that 25 percent of the population is homosexual. Among those dim and dimmer millennials, it is 30 percent. That’s right, they think something on the order of 97 million Americans, including toddlers, are homosexual.

But not even Kinsey with his utterly debunked 10 percent thought homosexuals were so plentiful in the population.

In fact, according to the best research—the Laumann study conducted out of the University of Chicago in 1994, and the recently concluded study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control—the true picture is profoundly different.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, a measly 1.8 percent of adult men and 1.4 percent of adult women identify as homosexual. This translates into a tiny 2.1 million men and 1.7 million women. This is less than half the number of Methodists in the United States.

Because they are “everywhere,” a concomitant argument they make is that attitudes have changed because of the personal interaction people have with them.

Even a casual look at the numbers would show that those would be some very busy homosexuals.

The adult population of the United States is roughly 247 million.

In order for it to be even remotely true, that it is personal relationships that have changed public opinion, you would have to assume that each of these 3.8 million homosexuals are out of the closet, wearing their homosexuality on their sleeves, and are best buds with 65 non-homosexuals each.

So, no, the proposition that they are everywhere is simply not true. And most Americans have hardly any meaningful interaction with homosexuals.

Are they like the rest of us? Certainly. They are children of God, made in his image and likeness, and deserving of their human dignity. But, in the choices they make, in their attractions and in their behavior, and in the results of both, they are profoundly different.

Robert Reilly wrote a very important book—Making Gay Okay—that raised the central issue that has been ignored in the messaging of the marriage debate. The marriage debate became about what was best for children. Children certainly do deserve a mother and a father. In fact, they have a human right to know their mother and father, though death and divorce often violate this right. But we cannot deliberately choose to violate this right of theirs. All true and very effective.

Reilly argues, however, that you cannot talk about homosexuals and the changes they propose without talking about that dirty little thing called sodomy. And this is how they are profoundly different from us.

Accepting homosexual marriage is tacit acceptance and even moral approval that anal sex is not only acceptable but that it is comparable to sexual intercourse.

I will not discuss what goes into this contemptible act which is widely and almost exclusively practiced by homosexuals and porn stars. Studies show that even homosexuals with the HIV virus still widely use this vile practice.

Robert Oscar Lopez published a blog post at English Manif a few years ago that went into long and gruesome detail about what this entails. You do not want to know how one prepares for this. It is enough to know that the anus is the body’s sewer, yet homosexuals want us to believe that using it for sexual gratification is exactly the same as intercourse.

And what are the results of this practice? Disease and death. The anus was not made for this. It was not made for penetration. The anus has thin skin that is easily broken and is therefore an easy conduit not just for HIV but for many other diseases. Yet, homosexuals want us to believe that this practice is exactly the same as intercourse.

The practice of sodomy has led to the still ongoing AIDs pandemic. A few million homosexuals make up the vast majority of AIDs patients and HIV carriers in the United States. Homosexuals still produce 62 percent of new HIV infections. More than 20 percent of homosexuals you will meet are infected.

But, homosexuals really do not want to talk about this. They try to deflect the issue by their usual snark. They call it the “gay sex is icky” argument and try to dismiss it. But, we should not let them get away with that. We should make them defend it. You will see in some publications, including New York Magazine last year, homosexuals are coming out of the closet about anal sex.

But for the most part, they do not want to talk about what this really is and what goes into it and the profoundly harmful results.

The other way they are not like us is their contempt for fidelity. One of their big lies is that the homosexual couple stays together for decades and remains faithful. Even that lie is being outed by homosexuals themselves. Just the other day, a homosexual writer in the Daily Beast said he doesn’t know any homosexual relationships that are not “open.” Studies back this up. They are not faithful and have no intention of being faithful.

Gallup, on the other hand, shows that American approval for sex outside of marriage is a measly 6 percent and that is down a point in the past decade.

Those who fight pornography have had difficulty talking about what they oppose. They certainly cannot show it. So, in making their case they are well and truly handicapped. Yet, since pornographers are a uniquely vicious crowd, they do not have purchase on the public’s affection.

In precisely the same way those who fight the radical homosexual agenda are hamstrung. You cannot talk about what they really do. It is simply too gross. You cannot talk about the results of what they really do. Those who fight the radical homosexual ascendancy are further hamstrung by the great affection they have achieved by the cultural and the political gate-keepers, even among those who fight for traditional marriage.

One objection to making the gross arguments or arguments critical of homosexual behavior is that such arguments do not poll well. This may be true but that does not mean they won’t work. Negative advertising almost always works. Moreover, polling usually showed we would lose the state marriage votes but we almost always won them. Polling on this issue is almost always wrong.

Having said that, I agree it is vitally important that the mothers-and-fathers arguments continue. It is also vitally important that arguments continue about the nature of true marriage. But, it is past time to begin speaking some plain truths about homosexuality.

First, they are a tiny minority; a tiny hair on the tail that is wagging the whole dog. Second, in very important ways they are not like us. They are profoundly different and these differences need a public discussion.

This will take a huge amount of bravery and those making the arguments will lose friends. But, if we are ever going to alter the disastrous course we are on, it is the only way.


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