Trudeau’s Empty Graves

If anyone has been paying attention to how Marxists and liberals work, they would not be surprised to find the Canadian "mass graves" controversy was a complete hoax.

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Well, it turns out that Catholic missionaries in Canada weren’t running genocidal concentration camps for decades and hiding hundreds of dead children from the public. I know, what a shocker!

If you are unaware, in 2021 a narrative was released in Canada that Catholic boarding schools—officially called Residential Schools—had buried hundreds of children in unmarked “mass graves” over decades. The impetus for this complete hoax was the alleged discovery of human skeletons under the ground on Native Land where the schools used to operate. Of course, what were allegedly skeletons were simply aberrations in the soil, which included things like rocks, tree roots, and other non-human things. 

The narrative exploded overnight, and as a result, many Catholic churches were razed and others vandalized. It was remarkable to live through, as it was in the summer of 2021 when vaccine hatred really started to ramp up. It was a very difficult time to be a Catholic Canadian, and a vaccine heretic at that.

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Of course, if one took the time to look into what was actually reported, it was clear that no “mass graves” had been found. In some cases, as was discovered recently after excavations were done on alleged grave sites, there were literally no bodies, only dirt. In other cases, all that was “discovered” were community cemeteries that were once taken care of by towns or Catholic parishes and had since become the property of various Native Reserves. 

These graves were unmarked because the Native bands had not replaced the wooden crosses, which over decades and decades had broken down. In addition, when the churches and municipalities were pressed, they had in their archives records of who was buried long ago, and nothing was “unmarked” or unknown.

Why were the graves without crosses? Well, like Rousseau, secularists have bought the lie of the “noble savage,” which is wholly ironic. 

These same liberals will tell you that it is “racist” to think of different ethnic groups as having unique character traits (generally speaking, and in a qualified sense based on a number of factors). At the same time, they look at natives in Canada through the lens of a Pocahontas fantasy, as if skin color and heritage dictates every aspect of the character. Native Canadians could never lie according to the liberals because the liberal believes that fallen human nature only applies to Europeans—who are, in their mind, both racist and lesser than all other races. 

If they didn’t have double standards, they would have none at all!

Reserves in Canada are notorious for being run by corrupt opportunists who oppress their own people and exploit lax legal restrictions to run gambling, drug, and prostitution operations. Do we really think the people who run these communities will be forthright when an opportunity arises to amp up the victim card and demonize the evil colonists? Not to mention the massive sums of money the government will give to these groups as a result of the allegations.

The funny thing is, if you speak to virtually any Canadian privately, they will all agree that Native Reserves are cesspools of corruption and that Native leaders have been caught lying time and time again.

It doesn’t matter. Pandora was let out of her box, and the Prime Minister—a rabid baptized anti-Catholic—had no problem sharing the narrative as if it were fact. An iconic photo was taken of him kneeling with a teddy bear at a “grave” signified by an orange landscaping flag. Well, it turns out that in that exact case, he was kneeling at one of those community grave sites that is now owned by a reserve, and for all we know he was kneeling at the grave of a European Catholic woman who died of old age.

Will the Apostate in Chief be apologizing any time soon? Ha! Good one.

The problem is much deeper than this empty grave hoax, however. Until the last 20 years or so, Residential Schools were seen for what they were, heroic institutions that offered native Canadians a shot at living a civilized life, educated in an official Canadian language. People have become so ignorant of history that they have no idea what life was like for the natives before the “evil” Europeans dared step foot on Canadian soil. Even so-called conservatives in Canada are likely to fall for the myth that Europeans “stole” land from the Natives, or other such idiocies.

The province of Ontario alone is three times the size of Texas. There were perhaps tens of thousands of natives, based on estimates, living around the Great Lakes region. You could walk for a month and a half through Canadian forests and prairie lands without ever encountering another human being. Nothing was “stolen” unless “stealing” is the same thing as sitting down on a patch of grass in an empty park.

Native tribes were a mixed bag, some living a relatively civilized way, and some engaging in cannibalism and human sacrifice. Of course, you have heard the stories of the Canadian Martyrs who were eaten alive, boiled, flayed, and worse. What sort of culture is capable of something like that? 

Of course, not all the tribes were like that. But are we really to believe that it was bad for Europeans to not only bring the Catholic Faith but also education, medicine, indoor plumbing, farming techniques, and a general spirit of not eating human flesh and scalping enemies?

Should the Europeans have simply built huge fences around their property and allowed the Natives to continue to live moribund lives with massively high infant mortality rates and a malnourished existence? Maybe they should have just stood by and allowed the Natives to define marriage any way they wanted, which, of course, included arranged marriages and veritable sex slavery under various forms of polygamy. 

Perhaps instead of helping the Natives build infrastructure that could withstand all weather conditions more effectively, the Europeans should just have allowed the Natives to do sun dances when there had been too much rain, or rain dances when it was too hot.

The ridiculous conclusions that follow from thinking this way—no doubt due to the evangelization efforts of the Neo-Marxists who run Canada’s institutions—trickled down into education at all levels, to the point where it was easy enough to sell a narrative to Canadians that the Residential Schools were institutions of “cultural genocide.” Furthermore, never letting a crisis go to waste, the enemies of Christ pounced on every opportunity they could and used allegations of abuse—however weak and unverifiable—to castigate the Catholic Church, as if the schools were nothing more than sexual abuse factories. 

Have there been real cases of abuse by some priests over the long history of the Church? Of course. But how many cases of false accusations have there been? As easy as it is to jump on the bandwagon and condemn dead men to Hell for crimes that can never be verified—and crimes that usually come with a sizeable payout for allegations never proven in court—perhaps we should think critically and take a look at history.

It is well-known that the Communists made up innumerable stories about priests in order to frame them in the court of public opinion. In fact, false accusations were so common that it is alleged that this is why Pope John Paul II simply wouldn’t believe the accusations against Maciel. He had heard one too many times stories about priests that weren’t true, and he wasn’t about to be fooled again.

In Ireland, it was alleged that nuns had been chucking dead babies into septic tanks, the Tuam Tank it was called. Of course, that was not true, because nuns—but for the pants-wearing type—tend to not be evil maniacal characters from a horror movie.

Point being, it is the tactic par excellence of the Marxists to falsely label priests and nuns as pedophiles, rapists, murderers, and even mass murderers. Why should we expect the Canadian Marxists to be any different? Many Canadian Native activists are literally Marxists and have no problem admitting it. It is the tactic par excellence of the Marxists to falsely label priests and nuns as pedophiles, rapists, murderers, and even mass murderers. Why should we expect the Canadian Marxists to be any different?Tweet This

Have we allowed the McCarricks of the world to demoralize us to the point where it is easier for us to believe that veritable saints were abusers and deviants than it is to defend their honor and disbelieve the Marxists?

It seems to me that we need to recapture the virtue of Patriotism for our beloved Church.

I will not apologize for the glorious work the missionaries did in Canada—even if there was a bad apple here and there—any more than I will apologize for the fact that St. Patrick converted the Druids; St. Boniface axed down the German pagans’ sacred oak; St. Augustine of Canterbury converted the Vikings; the Church burned notorious heretics—which is to say spiritual serial killers—at the stake; Sts. Cyril and Methodius ripped the Slavs away from Rodnovery; or the glorious Crusaders killed Muslim infidels who had taken Christian women as sex slaves and stolen Christ’s Holy Land.

I am prouder to come from the Catholic Church than I am of being Canadian. But I am doubly proud to be a Catholic Canadian and to venerate and honor my ancestors in the Faith who braved ice and snow, scurvy and tomahawks, in order to bring Christ to the Tundra. And may the Marxist maniacs who have sullied the great name of my spiritual kin repent, or burn in Hell for what they have done.

September 30 is now officially the “National Day for Truth and Reconciliation” in Canada, which is an opportunistic holiday that would make a BLM activist blush. I, for one, will not be celebrating this sham of a day. Instead, I will be nursing a spiritual hangover from celebrating the Feast of St. Michael, praying that he casts “into Hell Satan, and all evil spirits who wander around the world seeking the ruin of souls.”

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