When the FBI Protects Moral Monsters

The members of the Fairfax County and Loudoun County School Boards here in Northern Virginia are little more than pipsqueaks and perverts (there is one good member of the Loudoun County School Board. There are none at Fairfax).  

They are power-hungry, low-level bureaucratic hacks who don’t give two hoots for the children under their care except to inculcate these children into the mores of the radical Left, especially the sexual Left. They mandate all manner of sexual sickness and madness upon even the littlest ones. Their work is akin to grooming. 

I hold these members in complete and utter contempt. I am aware they feel the same way about the parents of the children under their thumb. After all, they now make parents stand outside in the cold before they are allowed in, one at a time, and given 60 seconds to address their majesties. 

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These people are a clear and present danger to the children under their care. 

I live in Fairfax County. I was born here. I have school-age children. Our neighborhood is full of kids who attend these schools. So, we have a stake in what happens in these sexual indoctrination centers. These school boards are little more than hard-Left sexual and racial buccaneers. These creeps insist that our children learn their new sexual and religious dogma, such as “sex is assigned at birth.” They insist that our children learn about masturbation, homosexuality, even anal sex. 

“Oral sex” is introduced by these monsters to children as young as 12. They insist that children as young as 13 hear about “anal sex” 18 times in one year’s lessons. If an adult did this outside a classroom setting, rightfully he would be arrested. These folks do it with impunity. 

Nothing illustrates the Stalinist nature of these bodies than a meeting we attended a few years ago. Called the FLECAC committee, it was made up of two dozen people appointed by the Fairfax County School board. Four kids were on the committee, chosen from the student LGBT clubs. Most of the other members were not parents but rather teachers and school bureaucrats.

Two regular citizens happened to be appointed by the one lone sane Board Member, Elizabeth Schultz, who was later voted out. One of these regular folks made a motion to change “sex assigned at birth” to merely “sex.” The larger committee voted 23-3 not to allow debate on the issue. A roll call was called so that the 23 would be on record stopping debate about this dangerous religious dogma of the sexual Left. This was killed by a voice vote. No debate. So, whenever the kids hear the word “sex,” it is accompanied by “assigned at birth.” 

An attempt was made to ensure that kids were taught about health risks related to contraceptives. This was voted down 23-3. Again, they called for a roll call, which was shouted down. No debate. They tried to suggest that “transitioning” came with health risks. Puberty blockers for kids cause bone loss and much else. No debate. Voted down. 

One county employee asked why there was no lesson on anal sex for seventh graders. There was oral sex in the lesson, why not anal sex? The chairman assured her that anal sex began in the 8th grade. The chairman actually apologized for using the phrase “anal sex” in front of the room of adults yet was quite adamant that the kiddies must hear it and plenty.

At a subsequent meeting of this committee, which was deciding the sex-ed curriculum, committee member Laura Murphy moved that the phrase “biological sex” come back into the curriculum. She cited numerous sources for this: the American Psychological Association, the National Institutes of Health, the World Health Organization. She demonstrated how doctors prescribe certain drugs differently based on biological sex. Murphy’s three minutes ran out and she requested 30 more seconds. Denied. The committee voted against her motion, 24-2. 

I mention Laura Murphy because she has been in the news lately regarding the governor’s race in Virginia. Several years ago, she discovered pornographic material in her son’s reading assignments. Murphy went to the state legislature and through a bipartisan effort passed a bill that parents had to be informed if illegal sexual activity was in the students’ assigned reading. All they asked was that parents would be “informed.” This common-sense legislation to protect children passed both houses of the Virginia legislature with Democratic and Republican support. But then-Governor Terry McAuliffe vetoed it. This is the Clinton hack who is running again to be pervert in chief of the Commonwealth of Virginia. In this campaign he has quite famously said that parents have no right to determine the education of their children. 

As an aside, Murphy tried to send the pornographic passages to each legislator through the legislative email system, but it was blocked. Yet this is the stuff they want the kids to read. 

I was going to write a conclusion to this column challenging U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland to come and get me. After all, he has sicced the FBI onto parents who might “annoy” school board members. Indeed, FBI agents stalked the Fairfax County school board meeting last week. But I have toned the column down. I am not challenging Garland to “come and get me.” However, that I felt obliged to tone down my challenge means something terrible. I live in fear of my own government. 

Only a few minutes ago I heard an FBI ad on talk radio asking people to report “hate crimes” against LGBTs. This includes so-called “hate speech.” 

Am I going to get a phone call or worse, a visit from the FBI? Even to ask this question on matters of free political speech is chilling. And this is the purpose. This is what the Left wants. They want us to shut up. They are using the FBI for this purpose. But I won’t shut up. You shouldn’t either. 

[Photo: U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland (Tom Brenner-Pool/Getty Images)]


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