Why Would Candace Owens Convert to Catholicism?

By converting to Catholicism, Owens has demonstrated that her quest for truth was not merely a quest for fame or influence.

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Earlier this week, Candace Owens announced that she had converted to Catholicism. Posting about her conversion on social media, she wrote

Recently, I made the decision to go home. There is of course so much more that went into this decision and that I plan to share in the future. But for now, praise be to God for His gentle, but relentless guiding of my heart toward Truth.

For those who have been following her career, this was hardly a surprise given the fact that she has been more and more vocal about the Kingship of Christ and her husband, George Farmer, has spoken publicly about his conversion to Catholicism and his affinity for Tradition. While her conversion did seem inevitable, it was a joyful thing indeed to learn that a new soul had entered the Roman Catholic Church, especially given her platform and influence. 

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Recently, there have been a number of high-profile conversions, including former X-rated actresses who have been vocal about their massive change of heart and desire to make amends for their former professions, as well as Tammy Peterson, the wife of Jordan Peterson. In addition, despite the continual shenanigans that emanate from Rome and the fact that the Church under Pope Francis is less than appealing—to put it mildly—there does seem to be a growing trend of public figures heading toward Rome. 

Why is this the case? Why would someone like Candace Owens convert to Catholicism, and in such a public way? Of course, I do not know Owens, and I will not pretend here to psychologize or offer any insight into her personal reasons. However, I believe her religious trajectory—something she has been public about—offers some insight into why someone like her, or anyone for that matter, would convert to the Church of Rome despite the myriad problems in the Church today.

Owens is a highly intelligent person who demonstrates a keen moral sense. She also seems to be somewhat of an absolutist about her beliefs; she has never been one to present her opinions in a squishy or relativistic manner. In addition, she has demonstrated a fighting spirit and a fearlessness when tackling topics that others find radioactive. 

She was an early critic of the Covid regime, which I found very refreshing, and she went to war with the Covidians long before it was fashionable to do so. When the Black Lives Matter mania gripped the world during the 2020 Summer of Love, she had no issue warring with race hustlers and Marxists despite her own ethnicity, which sparked even more outrage at her. She took a stand against the Covid jab, even though her former colleague Ben Shapiro had essentially called anyone who wasn’t jabbed a “dope.” She took her anti-Big Pharma crusade even further and questioned the proliferation of vaccines as such. 

When the Israel-Palestine conflict erupted last October, she went against the predominant conservative narrative and would not bend the knee to the Israel lobby, yet again in defiance of the intensifying position of her colleagues at The Daily Wire. Not only did she take a stance against the pro-Israel mania—something seen as heretical by most of the American Right—she engaged various Rabbis and Jewish spokesmen in the public forum. 

Now, it should be noted just how difficult it would be to persist with all these positions, constantly engaged in conflict with her peers and strong cultural forces. As tough as Owens may be, she is still human, and I imagine that, like all good mothers, she has a tender heart. It doesn’t matter who you are; if you are constantly engaged in this type of information warfare with millions of eyes judging your every move, there is no way to avoid feeling the pressure substantially.

Yet, through all of her commentating and opining, she remained strong and did not lose her head. We have never seen her “go off the deep end”—despite what her critics say—and her reasoning skills and rhetoric have only sharpened and become more surgical as time has passed. She did all of this, mind you, without the help of sanctifying grace, which is a miracle in and of itself.

Owens has demonstrated that she is a fighter, and there is no earthly force—and no amount of money—that will coerce her into keeping the truth as she understands it captive behind a shield of timidity.  Owens has demonstrated that she is a fighter, and there is no earthly force—and no amount of money—that will coerce her into keeping the truth as she understands it captive behind a shield of timidity. Tweet This

But, like all fighters, I imagine she has been wounded and has wrestled with the effects of her public discourse during those moments of quiet interior reflection that we all have throughout the day. This is only natural. And, someone with such an acute sense of morality and conscience will be her own harshest critic. 

Although my own platform of influence is minuscule compared to hers, I can perhaps relate in a small way, given that I, too, have a habit of swimming upstream against the current and have continually demonstrated an anaphylactic reaction to the humdrum ecclesial and political positions that are acceptable in the mainstream. 

By converting to Catholicism, Owens has demonstrated that her quest for truth was not merely a quest for fame or influence. Surely, she could have joined a megachurch congregation with some celebrity pastor, or simply left her options open as a free agent. But she did not take that route, which would have been inconsistent with her character.

No, she did what she always does; she followed the clues where they led and was not satisfied until she found the full, unadulterated truth of the matter. The gladiatrix joined the Church Militant and will continue her fight against the roaring lions from the heart of the Roman Empire. She found the only true home where her soul could rest and recharge in a world that seems to outdo itself in insanity with each passing day.

Now, if I could offer some unsolicited advice to Candace—although I am sure her erudite husband will have said similar things—I would encourage her not to feel the pressure to be anyone’s theologian. Owens is highly intelligent, and I am sure she will grasp the profundity of Catholic teaching as well as anyone. I imagine she’s been studying voraciously for years at this point; but there is a pressure that new Catholics, especially celebrity Catholics, feel to shout from the rooftop about their new faith. 

But, the world of Catholic discourse is as cutthroat and merciless as any commentariat community, and there will be no shortage of opportunists who want to co-opt her convert zeal into a publicity stunt. Of course, there is nothing wrong with sharing her journey on podcasts and at conferences, as this will inspire many, but it is still advisable to be cautious about which characters you trust.

In the end, Candace Owens’ conversion is about Candace Owens’ journey as a pilgrim during this earthly sojourn, and she needs to prove nothing to anyone but God. Political pundits will not be her judge when she dies, and neither will Catholic theologasters.

So, we should all rejoice that Christ left the 99 and found the one sheep who needed saving. And we should pray that God strengthens Candace as the wolves surround her as she embarks on this new chapter in her life.


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