Holy Land

Jerusalem in the Islamic Imagination

There is no story of salvation in Islam because the climax is not the Incarnation, but the mere example of the “ideal man.” There is no grace to save us from the stain passed on by Adam and Eve because there is no such thing as original sin. If a Christian reads the Bible from … Read more

Meeting the Latin Patriarch, and a parish priest, in Jerusalem

The Latin Patriarch in Jerusalem is His Beatitude Fouad Twal. Don’t let his name or title intimidate you — the Patriarch is extremely kind and hospitable, making everyone comfortable from the moment he enters the room. Walking at his side is a parish priest, Rev. Firas Aridah, known by some Catholics in the United States … Read more

Returning to the Holy Land

I’m heading to the Holy Land for eight days. This will be my fifth trip since 2004, and I hope to post daily reports on InsideCatholic.  (“Holy Land” refers to the area lying between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean, encompassing both Israel and Occupied Palestine and parts of Lebanon and Jordan.) Not all of … Read more

A Reagan Republican On Peace In the Middle East

Marshall J. Breger was a special assistant to President Reagan and is now a professor of law at the Catholic University of America. He also served in senior positions at the Bush ’41” White House.  His article from Moment Magazine on “A Republican’s Case for Peace” is quite interesting.  Here is his introduction: There is … Read more

Remember the Palestinians

The Holy Land is a place of stories. Everyone has a story about Israel and the occupied territory called Palestine by those who live there. Many of the events are drenched in blood — often that of relatives present or past — which is why, when story is pitted against story, death against death, little … Read more

Why Evangelicals Support Israel

“Israel is not just necessary to the return of Christ, it is essential to it.” So says the Rev. A. R. Bernard, pastor of the Christian Cultural Center in New York City. His sentiments are shared by millions of Christians around the world who steadfastly believe that a Jewish state is necessary for the Second … Read more

A Lenten Pilgrimage Online

A huge hat-tip to our friend Lizzie Scalia for posting a link to this 360 virtual tour of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. As someone who has never been to the Holy Land (and has no immediate hope of going), I find this totally mesmerizing, and moving. A nice way to gear up for … Read more

Will Rev. Federico Lombardi Resign from the Vatican Press Office?

On July 11, 2006, Pope Benedict XVI appointed Rev. Federico Lombardi, S.J., to be the director of the Vatican Press Office. Father Lombardi took over a position held for 22 years by Dr. Joaquin Navarro-Valls, a numerary of Opus Dei. It is possible, however, that Father Lombardi may not even make it to the third … Read more

Why I Love the Holy Land (and Why You Should, Too)

“For this one night, Jesus is in the tomb.” These words, spoken to me by a priest on Holy Thursday, haunted my soul as the doors of the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem were locked and I found myself spending the night in the tomb of Christ, which functions as the altar of … Read more

Ten Hard Facts Confronting Benedict XVI in the Holy Land

The Holy Father, his entourage, and the international media are preparing to visit the Holy Land May 8-15. Pope Benedict XVI will undoubtedly encourage further peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians. But the prospect of a two-state solution to the ongoing conflict has become more remote, as the situation on the ground is constantly changing. … Read more

The Pope Should Go to Gaza

“The Holy Father should not be coming to the Holy Land without visiting Gaza.” The bitterness in his voice was obvious as the professor at Bethlehem University talked to me about Pope Benedict XVI’s visit next month. I found that his attitude is the rule, rather than the exception, among Palestinian Christians in the Holy … Read more

Palestinian Christians Look Toward the Papal Visit

    Palestinian Christians are wondering aloud whether the upcoming visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the Holy Land will bring greater media attention to their dwindling numbers. They fear that, at the top, the pope’s agenda will be dominated by his continuing effort to smooth the ruffled feathers of Muslims (after his2006 Regensburg speech) … Read more

Benedict XVI and the Future of the Holy Land

Over dinner at the Ambassador Hotel in East Jerusalem, I talked with Danny Seidemann, a Jewish man from upstate New York who moved to Israel as a youth more than 30 years ago. Danny is recognized worldwide as an expert on the religious and cultural differences that divide, and potentially unite, Jerusalem. “The Christian community … Read more

Sins of Omission: Making School Textbooks Politically Correct

  Because of the widespread use (and abuse) of the Internet in classrooms today, many high schools and colleges are asking their students to take an “integrity oath,” promising that they will not cheat or deceive in their research. As pervasive as academic dishonesty is, it is not limited to students’ plagiarizing; it also appears … Read more

Why Are the Christians Leaving the Holy Land?

Catholics in the United States have been slow to grasp the problems facing Christians living in the Holy Land. Many Catholics don’t even know they are there, or that they are Arab Christians. Most Americans equate Arabs with Muslims, in spite of the fact that Arabs were Christians long before they were Muslims. Arab Christian … Read more

Holy Land

God’s Continent: Christianity, Islam, and Europe’s Religious Crisis is a rather scary book if you happen to be reading it on the island where I live, off the coast of North West Europe.     God’s Continent: Christianity, Islam, and Europe’s Religious Crisis By Philip Jenkins Oxford University Press, 2007 $28.00     God’s Continent: … Read more

A City Divided: How Israel’s Wall Is Splitting the Holy Land

I met my guide, Helmut Konitzer, at the airport. A German who visits the West Bank to assist the sisters, monks, and priests living there, Helmut had the look of a well-cut drifter. I wasn’t surprised when he told me his preferred mode of transportation was his motorcycle, especially when medicines have to be delivered quickly … Read more

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