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A Question for IC Readers About Innocent VIII

My daughter came home from her college Sociology class yesterday and told me that her instructor had alluded to the following “fact” about Pope Innocent VIII several times.   from Wikipedia: The unsympathetic Roman chronicler Stefano Infessura provides many lively details, among them the apparent attempt to revive Innocent VIII on his deathbed by blood transfusions … Read more

Michelle Obama’s latest cause — breastfeeding

Those lactivists from the sit-in at the Hirshorn will be glad to hear this: Michelle Obama is championing a new cause in association with her “Let’s Move” campaign to end childhood obesity — breastfeeding. Mrs. Obama said: “We also want to focus on the important touch points in a child’s life. And what we’re learning … Read more

The big business of adultery

Bloomberg BusinessWeek ran a rather unromantic Valentine’s Day story — a profile of, the premier “dating” website for people looking for an adulterous affair. The online business, based in Toronto and expanding around the world, was conceived, launched, and is now run by Noel Biderman, a 39-year-old married father of two who believes that … Read more

Bishop Vasa to doctors: ‘Do whatever He tells you’

Bishop Robert Vasa, the coadjutor bishop-elect of Santa Rosa, CA, and the episcopal adviser of the Catholic Medical Association since 2002, presided at a White Mass for medical professionals over the weekend. In his homily, using the example of the Miracle at Cana, Bishop Vasa told the congregation that, when the “usual practice of medicine … Read more

LA archdiocese still missing the big picture on abuse cases

A priest who confessed to having sex with a teenage girl in the 1960s has just stepped down from ministry in the Los Angeles archdiocese — and appallingly, that’s still not the most outrageous part of this story: The priest, the Rev. Martin P. O’Loghlen, was once a leader in his religious order and was … Read more

The new language: Vagueness

Vagueness. That’s what Clark Whelton calls today’s spoken language in his column in City Journal, published by the Manhattan Institute. Whelton believes a linguistic virus is responsible, though he’s not exactly sure where it came from: I recently watched a television program in which a woman described a baby squirrel that she had found in … Read more

Sunday Comics: The Treasure of Paradise Island, Part 3

Here’s #3 of 10 in the 1952 adventure serial “The Treasure of Paradise Island,” written by Capt. Frank Moss and illustrated by Frank Borth. As always, these pages come from Catholic University’s online archive of Treasure Chest. More next week!

Will AI change the human species as we know it?

Time Magazine has an interesting article about a theory some futurists hold that artificial intelligence (AI) will change what it means to be human in the very near future. Our species will be transformed into something no longer recognizable, they say, and this idea has a name: “the Singularity.” The difficult thing to keep sight … Read more

Second-Guessing the President on Egypt

So here we are, the day we started referring to “Former president Hosni Mubarak,” and I can’t help feeling, with my 20/20 hindsight, that maybe our own president didn’t play things all so well. Truthfully, I haven’t felt very confident in our foreign policy throughout this entire struggle.  I was frankly surprised at the loudly … Read more


BREAKING NEWS: Egypt’s embattled president Hosni Mubarak has stepped down, and Cairo is rejoicing. I wonder what this will mean for Egypt’s Christian population, especially if the Muslim Brotherhood gains in power.

Friday Free-for-All — and a word of thanks

Before we get to this week’s links, I just wanted to thank everyone who donated during this week’s fund drive. Asking for money is not my favorite thing ever — none of us here particularly enjoys it — but we do it because we believe that strongly in what InsideCatholic is about. We have big … Read more

Meet ‘the Sarah Palin of stem cells’

It can be lonely in the scientific community for a pro-life stem-cell researcher, as Theresa Deisher is discovering. In its latest issue, the scientific journal Nature profiles Deisher’s work — and her role as one of the co-plaintiffs in a case to discontinue federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research. Suffice it to say, her conviction … Read more

New AMU president on Catholic higher education

Ave Maria University announced today that Tom Monaghan, AMU’s founder, will be stepping down as CEO, and Jim Towey will be taking over as president of the university: “This is a huge win for Ave Maria University,” [Chairman of the Board of Trustees Michael] Timmis said. “We retain the vision and experience of our pioneers, … Read more

Don’t make me come over there.

Have you given to InsideCatholic yet this week? If not, don’t make me call you a procrastinator — tomorrow is the last day! (I’m really good at nagging; just ask my husband.) If you need a little reminder, or you happen to be hearing about this for the first time, we’re conducting an InsideCatholic fundraising … Read more

The Mother Teresa of Cairo

The Catholic Herald has a moving profile of one Coptic laywoman in Cairo who has made it her mission to minister to the people who live in the city’s garbage dumps. There are 60,000-70,000 Zabbaleen, or “garbage people,” in Cairo who survive on what they can scrounge in the dumps — children fighting with rats over … Read more

Words, Words, Words

If this Washington Post article is correct, modern-day Hamlets are going to have to find a new way to express their frustrations: Acronyms have been around for years. But with the advent of text and Twitter-language, it certainly feels like we’re speaking in groups of capital letters a lot more. It’s a question that intrigues … Read more

Lactivism in Washington, D.C.

Delicate museum-goers, avert your eyes now: A group of breastfeeding moms is planning a “nurse-in” at the Hirshorn Gallery this weekend to “highlight their right to breastfeed.” The idea was born when one local mom was told that she couldn’t breastfeed her baby in the gallery, and instead should nurse in the bathroom (only to … Read more

Insert terrible confession pun here.

The Interwebs are really lighting up with the story of a new iPhone app that aids Catholics in making a good confession. The app allows users to create a secure personal profile that then leads to a guided examination of conscience based on one’s age, gender, and state in life. You then “select” your sins … Read more

IC Fundraising Drive — Day 2!

As you’ve probably noticed from the Home page, we’re conducting an InsideCatholic fundraising drive this week. I hope you’ll participate. While we offer our articles, columns, and blog posts free of charge — unlike a print magazine — that doesn’t mean that they’re free to us. Running an online publication is an expensive business — … Read more

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