Kennedy Hall

Kennedy Hall is the author of three books, Terror of Demons: Reclaiming Traditional Catholic Masculinity, Lockdown with the Devil, and SSPX: The Defence. He is a full-time journalist for LifeSiteNews and has a growing YouTube channel where he hosts The Kennedy Report. He is married with five children and lives in Ontario, Canada.

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Unholy Ghost in the Machine?

Is it possible for demons to infiltrate into the ones and zeros that make up the codes that generate our images and videos?

Satanic Grammy Awards…Brought to You by Pfizer

The reason why the present vaccine regime is satanic has nothing to do with the reality of vaccinations as a form of immunization but, rather, with the rhetoric and mechanisms by which they have been enforced on the population.

Husbands, Lead and Cherish Your Wives

It is divinely revealed truth that husbands are called to lead their wives in the way that Christ leads the Church. This means that husbands are called to serve, direct, die for, and cherish their wives.

A Storm Is Coming When Benedict Dies

Benedict is like the oldest living member of the family, a relic from another era who represents a lost generation in a time where all the sons of the family view the past as the greatest enemy.

Musk vs. Fauci

Maybe you had the seeming transhumanist Big Tech Czar going after Emperor Fauci on your 2022 bingo card, but I sure didn’t.

Confessions of a Creationist

Natural science is a great thing, and many great scientific advancements have helped us immensely. But evolutionary science is historically about as reliable as Faucian Bugle Science.

Burning mask

Pandemic Amnesty? Not So Fast

Covidian Leftists who tried to destroy people’s lives for the past two years now want to “move on,” knowing that a true accounting of what they did could lead to a reckoning.

The Sedevacantist Wager

While I see the potential in the arguments of some sedevacantists, I cannot follow them because I believe that it is not fitting for there to be no pope.

Rethinking Obedience in an Age of Resistance

The idea of “resisting” makes a lot of Catholics understandably nervous. We are, of course, brought up to be loyal sons of the Church. But there have always been exceptions, and we definitely live in an exceptional time.

The Unvaccinated Have Won

Justin Trudeau has relented to public pressure and the growing national and international resentment against him and has thusly dropped his insane segregationist vaccine border mandate.

Aslan Is on the Move

Our age is insane, our elites are out of their minds, and our world is in the proverbial handbasket on the way to Hell. But I remain optimistic. Why? Because I believe Aslan is on the move.

The Storm Is Over, Mommy

God’s providence shines through, even in the midst of sorrow, changing jobs, moving, and praying for a miracle.

The Cesarean Cross

C-sections are physically demanding and come with all the potential risks of major surgery. But as difficult as the physical stress can be, often the most difficult crosses to bear are emotional and psychological.

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