Anti-Christian Bullies Target Jewish Group Helping Gay Men

Imagine you are an 18-year-old boy who has been initiated into the world of gay sex. Starry-eyed, you were expecting candlelight and roses. Instead, your 35-year-old muscle-head mentor passes you around to his friends and to strangers.

Imagine you are an older gay man who did find romance but also found it empty and your newly found religion tells you gay sex is morally wrong.

Imagine you are a man happily married to a woman but you still have occasional fantasies about gay sex and you want them to stop.

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Each of these men seeks help from professional counselors to remove themselves from situations they have deemed objectionable.

The Southern Poverty Law Center and others are spending millions of dollars to see that you will never get the professional help you want. They are campaigning across the country to shut down any avenue of help you seek. Anyone offering professional help for unwanted sexual desires is in the cross hairs of this once-respected group that now targets Christians and others who oppose the same-sex agenda. What’s more, they are sitting on a treasure trove of $340 million with which to pay legions of lawyers to come after you.

They stand between you and your doctor. They’d rather you languish alone with your torment than leave behind your same-sex desires.

This exact scenario will play itself out in a courtroom in Jersey City, New Jersey over the next few weeks.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is spending upwards of $4 million in legal fees and hijacking New Jersey state protections on consumer fraud in order to shut down a tiny and largely defenseless Jewish referral service for those seeking professional help for unwanted sexual desires.

The suit will also be a shot across the bow for all other similar services around the country. The gays are coming for you if you think you can help anyone with unwanted same-sex desires.

Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing (JONAH) is a voluntary organization run by a man named Arthur Goldberg that helps those with unwanted sexual desires to find professional counselors. It is not a counseling service per se, but rather helps steer clients to counselors who can help.

JONAH makes no bones about their claim that unwanted sexual desires can be changed, including same-sex desires. JONAH is part of a movement, now practically clandestine, that believes in what’s called “same-sex change efforts,” that people with same-sex attractions can utterly change to opposite sex attractions and largely never look back.

Several years ago four young men separately went to JONAH asking for help. At the time, none of them self-identified as gay and each of them wanted help with same-sex attraction. Each went through treatment and each left, if not healed then at least satisfied with the effort. They were satisfied until the Southern Poverty Law Center got their hooks into them.

In 2012 SPLC initiated a lawsuit on their behalf in New Jersey Superior Court charging JONAH and one counseling service with violations of New Jersey’s draconian Consumer Protection Act saying JONAH’s claims that same-sex attraction can be cured is patently false and that such promises were nothing more than a punishable scam.

On its website, SPLC crows about this national movement to shut down counseling for those who want to leave gay sex behind. SPLC is working with groups around the country to initiate state law banning such counseling. They have been successful in banning such counseling for minors in California and New Jersey.

They believe that people are born gay and that any effort to change that fact is nothing short of criminal.

If JONAH loses the case they stand to owe the Southern Poverty Law Center for all its legal fees, which counsel for the defense says could run upwards of $4 million.

Arthur Goldberg says for court hearings on particular motions the plaintiff’s lawyers often outnumber his ten to one. A real hero—lawyer Charles Limandri—who is doing this work pro bono more than ably represents Goldberg.

Limandri says SPLC likely chose JONAH because it is so small and the New Jersey laws are so strong. There is also the likelihood that they were chosen because they are Jewish and therefore unlikely to find financial help among other Jews or Christians. SPLC was wrong about that.

This is classic bullying by what I have dubbed the Big Gay Hate Machine, a syndicate of powerful groups and wealthy gays who seek to shut down any dissent from their ideology.

JONAH did not get lucky with Judge Peter F. Bariso who has largely swallowed the arguments of the Big Gay Hate Machine. For instance, he disqualified almost all of JONAH’s expert witnesses including leading figures in psychiatry who would testify that same-sex desires are a proper subject of mental health treatment.

Bariso totally bought the SPLC argument that the matter is not open for debate and that the scientific community has concluded that same-sex desires are not disordered. He said in his instructions to the jury that this is a settled matter within the scientific community, even though a slew of highly credentialed mental health professionals wanted to testify otherwise.

Goldberg and Limandri were able to convince the judge that the case was not about the immutability of homosexuality. Whether people are born gay will not be considered in the case. SPLC wanted desperately for that to get an airing out in court. They were denied.

Limandri and Goldberg will be able to assert that same-sex desire is disordered in a religious sense. JONAH is a Jewish organization based on what they call “Torah values” and the Torah is quite clearly against homosexuality. The Catholic Church also teaches that the homosexual inclination is disordered and the act is objectively disordered. The judge says the First Amendment protects such assertions made in a religious context.

It is odd that more believers are not rallying around this modern-day David about to slay the anti-Christian bigots. If this David loses, the dark-night will continue apace and all those young men who want to leave the homosexual habit will be left on their own.

The case goes before a jury next week.


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