Covid Regime Takes a Mortal Blow Where It Began: Italy

The election of Giorgia Meloni as the Prime Minister of Italy is sending shockwaves across both the Left and the Right as an opponent of the globalist Elite enjoys widespread support.

News of Giorgia Meloni’s election as the first female Prime Minister of Italy has the left-wing press losing its veritable collective mind.

All we see is “Fascism!! Fascism!!” and “Mussolini returns!!”

Apparently, they exhausted themselves by saying Trump was “literally Hitler” and have now found a newly unoriginal insult. One could only hope that the Left could at least be original. If they are going to continue to try and destroy Western Civilization, at least they could try and do something original.

Orthodox. Faithful. Free.

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In any case, Meloni is somewhat of a darling of the Right in Europe. Now, she is not perfect (none of us are), and I am sure that there are things she will fail to do if given the chance. I am not sure if there has ever been a politician in history that has not let down supporters in some way.

Whatever may be said about Meloni, she is not a leftist, and she is not a friend of the globalist elites.

Presently, the EU and other bureaucratic organizations are clutching their pearls because this Italian firebrand dares to assert that Christian Europe was good and ought to be reclaimed.

A video is circulating that has already received tens of millions of views. It is a snippet of a talk she gave in 2019 to the World Congress of Families.

In her speech, she stated: “Why is the family an enemy? Why is the family so frightening?… Because everything that defines us is now an enemy… And so they attack national identity, they attack religious identity, they attack gender identity, they attack family identity…”

“I cannot define myself as Italian, Christian, woman, mother. No!” she added. 

“I must be…gender x, parent 1…I must be a number…”

“We will defend God, country, and family,” she said. “Those things that disgust people so much. We will do it to defend our freedom because we will never be slaves…” 

Strong words, to say the least.

Now, is this just another Trump—or in this case Trumpette—wanna be? Or might she be the real deal?

Personally, given that I lived in Italy as a youngster and speak the language fluently, I believe that Italy is, at root, a traditional nation. It is far from Christendom at this point, but it is the heart of the Old Roman Empire, and as Belloc said: “Europe is the Faith and the Faith is Europe.”

Do not confuse my meaning to say that she will be remembered as Queen St. Giorgia the Great, but I will also not write her off or allow myself to believe that she is just another globalist psyop. If you know anything about Italian politics, you know that Italians are passionate and vocal with their political opinions. And, for those who think the system is “rigged,” I would ask them to try and explain in anything less than a thousand-page book how the Italian electoral system works.

The fact is, no one really knows; thus, no one could really know how to rig it.

Now, think back to 2020. It was Italy that the world was told was the first country other than China to be ravaged by Covid. Debates about the virus notwithstanding, it really was Italy that set the pace for the advent of Covid totalitarianism on the world.

Everyone was saying, “Look at Italy, we don’t want to become like them!”

Well, our leaders took that as a sign and embraced the madness.

Italy, being run by Conte and then Draghi (Draghi was a former European bank chief, yikes) was then looked at by the world as something like “patient zero” in the West. The leftist prime ministers of Italy used this as an opportunity to do what leftists do: they grasped as much control over the lives of people as they could.

But it wasn’t just leftists who drank the Covid Kool-Aid. Right-wingers were hit hard by the narrative; how could they not be? 

So, it seemed like Italy was destined to be run into the ground by leftist hacks.

Then along comes Meloni.

Now, she has been in politics for a while. But her party, the Fratelli d’Italia, received less than five percent of the vote in 2018.

You would think that this would mean there would be no chance that such an outsider could mount any challenge.

Think again.

In the lead-up to the election, leftist outlets saw the writing on the wall. So they took to smearing Meloni and the Fratelli movement. Come to think of it, has Pope Francis come out and shown his support? After all, aren’t we Fratelli tutti?

Italy was headed to the “far-right” the press said, and a “neo-fascist” movement was running amuck. 

But, in reality, what has happened is that Italians have had enough of the nonsense, and the Christian roots of their nation cannot stand to be under the weight of a materialist regime that denies the real dignity of the human person and the most important things in life.

You see, for us outside Europe, it is hard for us to understand what patriotism means in a traditional Christian nation. “Being Italian” is more than spaghetti and good wine. The foundation of the nation of my mother’s side is ancient and imbibed with the Faith into the literal brick and mortar of every building and road.

If I were to allow myself to be hopeful about what has happened in Italy—hopium being my favorite drug—I would perhaps see a bit of Providence, or at least poetic justice, in the fact that the nation that gave the world an example of how to imitate China is now giving the world an example of how to reclaim what was lost.

Again, I may be putting too much into what has happened; Italian politics are so insane that the government could be dissolved within 15 minutes.

But really, who would have thought that the nation that was the poster child for drinking the Covid Kool-Aid would be electing a woman who is set to fight gender ideology, defend God, and reject globalism? 

And before you retort that all the globalists have to do now is find some scandal or rig some parliamentary procedure, think again. That would make her a martyr, which would only be to their detriment.

Only in Italian politics.  

[Photo: Giorgia Meloni (Credit: Getty Images)]


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