Election 2022: Night of the Walking Dead

Although Election night was not good news for the GOP, Democrats have proven themselves as the Party of the Walking Dead.

If the Democrats proved one thing on Tuesday night, it’s that they are quite happy to vote for a brain-dead zombie for a major-state senatorship. John Fetterman can barely walk or talk or even think. It is as if a Walker invaded Hilltop and was elected leader over Maggie Rhee. 

In the genre, there are fast zombies, which are the most dangerous, and slow zombies, that can still kill you nonetheless; it’s just you have a better chance of getting away. The good news is Fetterman, like Joe Biden, is a slow zombie. But it is revealing that Democrats have proven themselves as the Party of the Walking Dead. 

The Night of the Walking Dead was not good news for the GOP. The Grand Old Party was giddy to get 40+ seats in the House and take the Senate by 3 or 4, maybe 5 seats. As of this writing, it appears the GOP will take the House in a squeaker and the Senate comes down to a runoff in Georgia between Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker. Recall, this was the situation two years ago when Trump virtually gave two Georgia seats to the Democrats by not being able to control his emotions. These numbers will change once Arizona and Nevada finish counting with their abacus. 

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To continue the Walking Dead metaphor, two lockdown Democrats won, Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan and Kathy Hochul in New York. It should be noted that Hochul’s Manhattan is nearly uninhabitable because the zombies rule the streets and certainly the subways. These were two of the most aggressive states in masking, vaxxing, lockdowns, and the release of violent criminals thanks to their beloved Soros prosecutors.  

The unborn child lost Tuesday night. Bigly. Michigan, Vermont, and California made killing babies a constitutional right, and Kentuckians refused a constitutional amendment to protect the unborn child. The Walking Dead particularly like children since they tend to be even slower than slow zombies. 

Trump seems to have lost on Tuesday. It appeared he was not the kingmaker he was supposed to be. As of this writing, his endorsements seem largely not to have worked. He made nine endorsements for governor. He’s won only two, lost four, with three outstanding. He made 11 endorsements for the U.S. Senate. Only five have won, three of which hardly needed him at all. He made seventeen endorsements for the House of Representative; five have won, five have lost, and the rest are undetermined. 

It is absurd that the GOP did not run away with this election. First, it is an off-year election in which the newly elected president’s party often loses, often bigly. Second, the economy is in terrible shape. It is shocking that people did not vote gas prices alone. There is the threat of nuclear war. The murder rate is exploding all over the country. And yet, the GOP only won a squeaker. 

In a glimmer of interesting news, the GOP won married men, single men, and married women; and they massively lost single women who are eager to marry the state and the promise of abortion rather than their baby-daddy. 

By this author:

Other good news is that the GOP continued to make inroads into the minority vote. According to exit polling by CNN, Democrat support from black men fell from 76 percent to 65 percent. Hispanic support for the Party of the Walking Dead fell from a 29 percent advantage from Latino men to a mere 8 percent advantage. The GOP even made gains among the youngsters. In the 18-29 demographic, support for the Democrats fell from a whopping 35 percent advantage to 28 percent. 

The debate raging right now is which Republican gets a bounce out of a bad night. There is nearly universal condemnation of Donald Trump. He is being blamed for the red wave receding into nearly nothingness. Certainly, he gets some of the blame. We are told he raised millions but spent merely thousands for a few candidates. And he made the final days about himself when he knows he can be a motivator among the voting Left. Blame can also be laid at Senate and House leadership. After all, these were mostly their races to win or lose. 

At the same time, there are general huzzahs for Ron DeSantis. He has done a remarkable job in the past few years. He stood up to the woke bullies and stood down the damage of a massive hurricane. He has shown abundantly the kind of courage that Trump has shown but also a greater ability to effectively govern.  What we know is that the country is deeply divided, and each side thinks the other side are dangerous lunatics.Tweet This

What we know is that the country is deeply divided, and each side thinks the other side are dangerous lunatics. So now the GOP is either Trump’s or DeSantis’ party. Personally, I am leaning DeSantis. I have written previously that Trump deserves four more years. This may be the case, but it very well might never happen. Most of us Trumpers would be happy to stand with Ron DeSantis. 

But the Democrats? They are the Party of the Walking Dead. Biden-Fetterman-Pelosi? Zombies. Zombies that millions have voted for. Come, Lord.  


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