Pope Francis and the Covid Vaccine

The Covid vaccine was forced upon us based on false data and propagandistic lies. Sadly, one of the people who pushed it was Pope Francis.

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The Covid Pandemic resulted in a moral morass for all who pushed the vaccine on the public. The AMA, CDC, WHO, military, Biden Administration, media, celebrities, and Catholic Church dignitaries, all demanded, canceled, fired, dismissed, and blamed anyone who refused the vaccine. They censored any information that strayed from the party line—and they are still doing so. These dignitaries defined the situation as “a pandemic of the unvaccinated” to achieve compliance. 

There are numerous studies that show the vaccine does not stop Covid and has caused injury and death to many.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 The president said that the vaccinated will not get Covid and won’t give it to others. Since then, the president has tested positive for Covid twice (same with Anthony Fauci). Later, it was said that people who took the jab may have a greater chance of contracting Covid. In a Texas prison, 70 percent of fully vaccinated prisoners caught Covid.

Pope Francis implied it was sinful and selfish to deny taking the jab by calling it a “moral obligation.” In a January 2021 television interview, he said, “I believe that, ethically, everyone has to get the vaccine.” He referred to the vaccine as “an ethical option because it concerns your life but also that of others.” Biden and other political leaders have quoted the pope to justify their vaccine mandates. He referred to vaccination as “an act of love” and refusing to get vaccinated as “suicidal.” The pope stressed that individuals had a responsibility to care for themselves and have “respect for the health of those around us. Health care is a moral obligation.”

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He decreed that all employees and visitors to the Vatican receive the vaccine. Some bishops also required employees, parishioners, and visitors to be vaccinated. My archdiocese issued additional rules for sharing the sign of peace, Communion, homilies no longer than five minutes (under threat of losing faculties), masks, fewer parishioners allowed, rope off every other pew to maintain six feet, sanitize the pews after each Mass, etc. I’m sure the authorities involved had serious concerns and the best of intentions, but they were wrong.

As to stem cells from aborted babies, the Vatican quickly allayed any concerns about “material cooperation” with evil because the vaccine was too far-removed or remote from the abortion industry. Noted moral theologian Dr. Janet Smith disagrees because the “body is benefitting from the ‘fruits’ of one of mankind’s greatest crimes.” 

Having studied the syphilis experiments on African Americans in the 1930s and having grown up with a classmate who was deformed by thalidomide in the late 1950s, my thoughts are: You want me to do what? Who do you think you are? My medical information is protected by HIPAA and is no one’s business unless I say so. That vaccine couldn’t possibly have been properly tested! 

Few, if any, had real medical knowledge of Covid or the vaccine in the short or long term. Statements from all corners insisted the vaccine was perfectly fine for all people of all ages. The CDC denied the efficacy of natural immunity, so the whole exercise should have ended when the primary claim proved false. Reminds me of a mechanic who replaced an expensive part on my car to fix a problem. The part didn’t repair my car, but the mechanic insisted that I needed the part anyway.  

President Biden made clear that the vaccine would prevent people of all ages from contracting Covid. Vaccine advocates gave out false data by attributing as many deaths as possible to Covid, and they censored news of possible cures and treatments, forced masks and shutdowns, issued citations, etc.14 15 16 17 18 Submitting to the vaccine and boosters was pushed as a serious moral obligation. Some thought anti-vaxxers should be totally cut off from air travel, society, and interned in camps.  

It will be years before the full impact of the vaccine is known. Once it was established that the vaccine did not work, the “experts” trotted out a line about the symptoms being less with a quicker recovery for the vaccinated who contracted Covid. Not my field, but that’s a stretch at best. I had an unvaccinated parishioner who tested positive for Covid and she had only two symptoms—temporary loss of taste and smell. Meanwhile, parishioners, especially the elderly, were frightened. Many went into isolation, and some are still laying low.   

Biden, Fauci, and others lied about the vaccine. Then, these same people condemned, canceled, and censored anyone giving out “misinformation.” The charade led to the movement against free speech that turned into a censoring and propaganda fest with the FBI and White House in cahoots with social media (allegedly).

Now that the truth should be known, it is incumbent on each person who forced the vaccine on the public, employees, soldiers, or parishioners to publicly admit their sin and ask for forgiveness. Damages have to be assessed and appropriate remedies have to be applied. We don’t just move on; people were hurt. 

Of all those who pushed the vaccine, the pope should have known better. He has advisors and physicians with access to libraries, the internet, and the media. I don’t expect the Federal Government or the media to be reliably truthful. I do expect the pope to stay within his area of authority to promote and promulgate the Faith.  The pope has the responsibility to teach the truth in faith and morals and should be an example for all people.  It’s a serious matter to stand before the world and proclaim a falsehood that results in death and injury for others.   Of all those who pushed the vaccine, the pope should have known better. It’s a serious matter to stand before the world and proclaim a falsehood that results in death and injury for others. Tweet This

The pope recently fired Bishop Daniel Fernández Torres, Diocese of Arecibo, for failure to comply with Vatican vaccine dictates. In line with the pope, numerous U.S. bishops imposed strict guidelines for clergy and employees while closing parishes and schools. I have not yet heard anyone in the Church or government cite a statute or canon to show the source of their authority. Cutting people off from the sacraments or violating basic civil rights necessitates an agreed upon plan or structure verses a power grabbing free-for-all. 

Public apologies should follow one of the Alcoholics Anonymous examples. The offender publicly states their offense, asks for forgiveness, and asks how they might set the matter straight. Nothing should be mentioned about who told what to whom or what the CDC said or what some doctor thinks. If you pushed a dangerous medical treatment, then you have some responsibility to those who suffered from following your advice. Pope Francis misused his position, gravitas, and moral authority to sell a false “act of love.” And as such, it is incumbent on the pope to set an example for all the powerful. Better stop, I have something in my eye! 

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