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The Pink Synod

Certain seminaries became pink palaces, where seminarians and priests commonly shrugged away their vows of chastity, treating such sins with a thoroughly modern wink and a nudge.

Twilight in Tyler

Many of us heard the voice of a shepherd in Bishop Strickland and moved to Tyler, Texas in response. It’s a gut punch to lose him now.

The Hyperinflation of the Papacy

The role of the papacy in the minds of too many Catholics has morphed from being the center of Church unity to the source of Church teaching.

The Papacy, Doctrine, and Development

The pope is not a free agent. His authority, humanly considered, flows from his submission to and dependence upon Peter, that fisherman, that first pilot of the bark of the Church.

Solum Magisterium?

Archbishop Victor Fernández’s claim about a “doctrine of the Holy Father” runs the risk of collapsing all distinction between the magisterium and its normative sources, such as Scripture and Tradition.

Restoring a Diverse Catholic Unity

With the breakdown of Christendom and the loss of any sort of Christian identity, we are experiencing a period of cultural homogeneity determined by the reigning power.

Pope Francis’ View of Truth

There is a legitimate doctrinal pluralism, but how can the Church distinguish legitimate from illegitimate ways of expressing the faith without distinguishing truth and falsity?

The Problem of Powerless Parishes

The typical Catholic parish does little to lead souls to heaven. It is powerless to protect against the temptations of this world. Putting your trust in it risks your children’s salvation.

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