Pope Francis

The Anti-Ecumenism of Pope Francis

Fiducia Supplicans causes the Coptic Orthodox to suspend their ecumenical dialogue with Rome, citing the declaration’s change to the Catholic Church’s position on homosexuality.

Worshipping Gaia

As much as Francis of Assisi loved nature, he understood that our first responsibility is to God and not to nature. It’s not clear if his namesake pope feels the same.

Exit the Pope?

It is not disrespect of papal magisterium to register difficulties with supposedly pastoral recommendations on the basis of prudential criteria.

Did Newman Say We Could Disobey the Pope?

St. John Henry Newman lived at a time when a Catholic’s obligation of obedience to the pope was hotly debated. What he wrote can be challenging today both for those who advocate for total obedience and for those who “recognize and resist” Pope Francis.

My Advice? Step Down

The Church, which has always stood for sanity, may have to ask the Pope to step down in order to make things sane again.

2023: The Year Pope Francis Went Too Far?

A year that began with the death of Pope Benedict XVI ended with an open revolt against Pope Francis. After a decade of “making a mess,” it appears even the bishops are tired of the constant battles and controversies of this pontificate.

A Papal Biopsy

Rather like a flame that burns brightest before it is extinguished, there has been a flurry of papal pronouncements, paving the way for what may be a course entrenched, if not irreversible, for his successor to face. 

What Is a Couple?

The only way to make Fiducia Supplicans orthodoxish is to pretend that two words that mean the same thing when used in the same context do not mean the same thing when used in the same context.

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