Satanic Grammy Awards…Brought to You by Pfizer

The reason why the present vaccine regime is satanic has nothing to do with the reality of vaccinations as a form of immunization but, rather, with the rhetoric and mechanisms by which they have been enforced on the population.

At the 2023 Grammy Awards—yes, apparently it is still a thing—some singer and some other singer performed what amounted to a rendition of satanic worship for all to see. 

I cannot bring myself to share the video here, as it is likely to cause PTSD—post-traumatic satanism disorder—in the Christian with a tender heart. But, we can describe it.

In essence, some person named Sam Smith—who has promoted sexual deviancy and mocked the Catholic Church in the past—and some other person who calls herself Kim Petras performed what is alleged to be a song on a stage with dancers who are alleged to be human beings and not demons incarnate.

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The venue was lit up with a fiery red motif, and the performers were dressed like androgynous demons with horns. The singers used whips to whip the dancers who frolicked in and out of a caged setting.

To top it off, as the scene ended, the television network transitioned to a pre-commercial sponsorship acknowledgement and the hell-inspired viewers were happy to learn that the Grammy Awards had been brought to them by…Pfizer.

Now, we will consider in this piece the depth of satanism in our culture and how the vaccine paradigm is a part of that. However, we should not assume that I am saying anything of the sort that relates the general use of vaccines to satanism.

Personally, I used to be generally ambivalent about the topic of vaccines. I used to do basically whatever the doctor said, as I didn’t think much of it; but in recent years, I have become more skeptical and less willing to go along. This shift in my mindset happened before the advent of the Covid jab, but it was only emboldened when Mr. Trudeau told me I had to take a medication that was 15 minutes old in order to be a part of society.

That being said, I couldn’t really care less about what someone chooses to do with medication in their personal life. I would hope in a general sense that you wouldn’t unnecessarily harm yourself with unproven injections, but this is also unsolicited health advice coming from a man who doesn’t let a day go by without consulting a Nicaraguan Maduro or a tin of Stoker’s Mint for a little tobacco therapy. So, I am in no place to be a health Nazi, as no one is.

The reason why the present vaccine regime is satanic has nothing to do with the reality of vaccinations as a form of immunization but, rather, with the rhetoric and mechanisms by which they have been enforced on the population. The reason why the present vaccine regime is satanic has nothing to do with the reality of vaccinations as a form of immunization but, rather, with the rhetoric and mechanisms by which they have been enforced on the population.Tweet This

The rhetoric surrounding the Covid jab has been religious, to say the least. You are either a believer or a heretic; you’re either in the Church of Covid, or a heathen and a publican. There has never been any room for nuance or even debate, as the case for vaccination was put forth as if it were a matter more serious than eternal salvation or damnation. 

Not only has the rhetoric been religious in style, but it has been cult-like.

True religion is not a cult, but every cult has a religious element to it. A cult puts an overemphasis on a guru or head who is seen as something like a divine conduit of continual revelation. Cult members believe what the guru says simply because he is the guru, and they reject what critics of the guru say because the guru didn’t say those things.

In addition, those who join cults are willing to cut people out of their lives in a rash manner and join a new community of “believers.” That being said, cutting certain people out of your life for reasons of principles is not inherently cultish, but if the reasons are based on false religion and due to an uncritical adherence to a guru, then you are cutting people out of your life for cultish reasons.

The ardent vaccine disciples have acted like cult followers par excellence. They have looked on the unvaxxed masses as if they were heretics cast into the exterior darkness because they did not acquiesce to the self-evident teachings of the guru. They have not only looked on the unvaccinated or vaccine-skeptical with distrust, but with resentment or disdain.

In one breath, they are concerned for the immunological salvation of the unvaccinated “other” who has not entered into the secret mysteries of Covidian Illuminism; and in the next breath, they are disgusted by the unacceptable views of people so unenlightened that they dare not agree with the beliefs of the cult.

This behavior is nothing if not satanic.

Furthermore, aside from the rhetoric that has accompanied the Covid regime, the mechanism of enforcement has been equally satanic.  

I say this because the entire narrative has been based on coercion, shame, and an uncritical appeal to power dynamics.

This is the same sort of behavior we see when we consider ritual satanic abuse and how it operates.

Those who engage in ritual satanic abuse use positions of influence or power, shame and coercion based on shame and power, in order to manipulate their victims into doing things they are not comfortable with. Then, once the victim has transgressed his conscience, he feels even more ashamed of himself and then can either get out of his newly found satanic rut, or he can dive deeper into the satanic behavior as a way of numbing his conscience by sinning more gravely over time. 

For this and other reasons, sexual exploitation is a common tactic of satanic coercion. While we cannot say that the desire for the powers that be to jab every man, woman, and child is explicitly satanic, we can with confidence say that there is a psychosexual element to it.

We can be confident in this because of how the Covid regime has operated.

It began with fear, and then fear gave way to confusion and isolation. Then, as people were coerced into isolation due to fear and isolation, they were told that the only way they could resume normalcy in any sense was to cover their face—which is highly symbolic, as it represents a level of control over the most human element of a person which is found in facial communication.  

Then, after people were sufficiently conditioned to hide their humanity by way of covering their faces, they were then coerced into penetrating their bodies—often against their will—as the only way that the authorities would leave them alone.

We might even say that the psychosexual psychology of the Covid regime culminated in a desire to have adherents demonstrate their fealty by taking into their bodies a sort of pseudo-sacrament that initiated them into a false religion.

This means that the Covid regime was successful in demonstrating dominance over the humanity and bodily integrity of the persons who ultimately gave in, either due to conditioning or fear.

This may seem like a bit of a stretch. But consider the fact that we now have one of the largest secular events of the year promoting sexualized satanism with Pfizer as the sponsor… 

We find nothing if not a demonic symmetry that combines degenerate sexualism, demon worship, and vaccine promotion. It is stranger than fiction, but it is also exactly what has happened.

If we do not see the satanic undertones of the Covid regime, then we are likely willfully blind at this point. 

[Photo Credit: AFP via Getty Images]


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