The Unvaccinated Have Won

Justin Trudeau has relented to public pressure and the growing national and international resentment against him and has thusly dropped his insane segregationist vaccine border mandate.

Ever the optimist, I thought I would spread a little more hope—or “hopium,” as it is often called. 

As I write this, it has been confirmed that Justin Trudeau—the prime minister who the fact checkers have assured us is definitely not of the Castro lineage—has relented to public pressure and the growing national and international resentment against him and has thusly dropped his insane segregationist vaccine border mandate.

Beginning on September 30, those who remained unvaccinated with an experimental Covid jab—that is to say, human beings who exist the same way they did before 2020—will now be able to travel in and out of the Great White North as if we live in the 21st century and enjoy natural and constitutional rights. What a trip!

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I have written extensively for Crisis and other places about my experience as a Canadian living under the Ice Queen in Parliament, and at times I have relayed how difficult it has been for folks like me. When I say “folks like me,” I am referring to human beings with an intellect and a will who simply choose to make decisions that Mr. Trudeau would not himself make—perhaps the only thing seen as sinful in Canada under the current regime.

In any event, for my own reasons, I chose to remain vaccine-free, which is my business and should bother no one. But, of course, people like me bothered Trudeau a lot. In fact, we bothered him so much that he called us a “fringe minority”—a “minority” of 6 million people in a nation of 40 million—and said that we have “unacceptable views”; at some point, he equated us with Nazis. Is it just me, or is the equating of right-wingers with Nazis so 2016?

Anyway, his harmful rhetoric and insane megalomania has caused harm in my life. There are immediate family members that I am not sure I will ever see again due to the brainwashing of the Canadian Covidian. And my story is not unique, sadly, as many have suffered even greater trauma due to the complete and utter moron who has lorded over our nation like a petty dictatrix with an inferiority complex.

But, I rejoice in the fact that I can now say the unvaccinated have won.

Now, you might be asking why I say such a thing, given the fact that so much damage has been done due to this stupid question of a medication that hardly works, if it works at all. 

Well, let me say this. 

Life on Earth is war. It is a war of Ephesians 6, and we fight with the principalities and dominions. Sometimes our leaders and our churchmen are gripped by an ideological memetic contagion that encourages them to do ghastly things, and as a result we are greatly harmed. However, being behind at one moment during a war does not mean you have lost the war. In fact, you could lose every battle, but if you win the decisive battle to end all battles, you have won in the end.

I am not suggesting that the war for true Christian freedom has been won, but I will say with confidence that the fact that Justin Trudeau—the last remaining Covid Führer in the developed worldhas dropped his border mandate is significant beyond measure.

You see, Trudeau is a spoiled brat and holds tight to things he wants and has tantrums when you try and take them away. Perhaps he should have been spanked more—don’t give his wife, Sophie, any ideas!

The last couple of years have been like a meth-induced power trip for the tantruming Toddler-in-Chief. It seems, now, as if he is a bit out of gas, and even he can’t hold on to the toy he does not want to give back.

It has been a bit of a tug-of-war. There have been many threats of being put in the naughty corner, and he seemingly ignored them all. But the time has come where Trudeau will have to take his licks and admit that he wasn’t able to turn the entire nation into lemmings willing to walk off a cliff—for your safety, of course!—and he will have to attempt to govern the nation as if there are issues at stake other than agreeing with his petulant wailings. 

The fact that he has dropped the mandates is symbolic of the fact that the narrative has dropped Trudeau. A few years ago, the world found him a bit cutesy when he was seen dancing like a fool in traditional Indian dress while in the Subcontinent. But his recent Queen impression (no, I am not talking about what he does in his personal life) while attending the Queen’s funeral has garnered him international media attention as an unserious moron who doesn’t sing as well as you would think a former pot-smoking, blackface enthusiast would.

He is a joke, and the world knows it. And, the sick joke of vaccine segregation is finally done in this beautiful frozen land. There are a few regional battles to win, and the courts are in for an endless barrage of vaccine-segregation cases that keep mounting—cases that are being won by the good guys, I might add. But his reign of terror has taken a mortal blow, and all the unvaccinated swine of the world may now come and go, to-and-fro, from the land settled by heroic Catholic saints so many centuries ago.

That the rotting head of the fish has dropped his rotten hold on the mobility of Canadians shows that the jig is up.

Respectfully, Mr. Trudeau, you believed that you won, but you have not. We held out. We protested, and we prayed.

We honked, we sang, and we gladly occupied your fallen capital during those halcyon days of the Freedom Convoy. No amount of Mounty horses stomping on grandmas with freedom in their veins could stop the beating heart of old-stock Canadians who knew they would just have to wait for the nation and the world to watch as you made an unmitigated mockery of yourself.

While you did your best to put pressure on us to submit to your insane dystopian worldview, we said no, and all that pressure made many diamonds in the rough. 

We will never forget what you did. We will celebrate as we live like its 2019, coming and going, working and traveling, while you seethe from your crying room as you await your eventual demise.

The unvaccinated have won. And, Mr. Trudeau, you can take your boosters and go jump in a lake. I’ve heard the Rideau Canal is lovely in February. 

[Image Credit: Unsplash]


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