The Wages of Sin is Also Disease

Monkeypox is the latest evidence exposing our culture's lie that homosexual behavior isn't dangerous.

They are lining up by the hundreds in Washington DC and New York City. That pretty much all of them are gay men reminds us of something terrible about their world. 

Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser says her city may need upwards of 100,000 shots for Monkeypox. The nation’s capital has the highest per capita infection rate in the country. New York is not far behind. As of a few days ago, New York City had 336 Monkeypox victims, none of them are women. 

To understand why this is the case, in the subways of both cities you can see advertisements for something called PrEP, a gay party drug that claims to allow unremitting sexual activity with no HIV consequences. They are also pushing this on school kids, but that is another story. This story is about the gay lifestyle, which includes unspeakable acts. 

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As you likely know, Monkeypox is a nasty infection that causes the unsightliest blisters often in the most unsightly places. The pictures are quite disturbing and one sympathizes with anyone who has them.  

But, it must be emphasized that Monkeypox is almost exclusively happening among men who have sex with men, if you can call it sex, which you really shouldn’t. It seems to have originated in Africa and somehow jumped the stream to gay orgies in Europe. And then came to all those lovely “pride” events in the United States and we are faced with yet another gay plague. 

You cannot really call any aspect of this “good news” but it does remind us that this way of life is not really about white picket fences and church on Sunday as the media would like to portray it. The former gay porn actor Joe Sciambra explains that one reason he went the gay way is that not even prostitutes would do what his then-fevered imagination desired. But gay men would. How alarming and sad is that?

In 2014, the Linacre Quarterly published an important paper by the remarkable independent researcher Dale O’Leary, who was miles ahead of everyone with her 1997 book The Gender Agenda. O’Leary’s paper, The syndemic of AIDS and STDS among MSM, tells a scientific story we are not allowed to talk about any longer.

The gay life is a dangerous one. Ever heard of Special K? Poppers? GHB?  These are drugs used for “disinhibition, and feelings of invincibility.” Robert Kennedy Jr. says the most common correlation between gay behavior and HIV is poppers, amyl nitrate that you sniff. Crystal meth has also been a favorite. 

There are also multitudes of sex partners. CDC researchers from the early years of HIV found sufferers had upwards of 1,000 partners. O’Leary explains that the confluence of drugs, drink, crazed sex, violence, psychological disorders, have created a syndemic, which is an “aggregation of two or more concurrent or sequential epidemics or disease clusters in a population with biological interactions…” 

Granted, Dale O’Leary’s paper appeared 8 years ago and much of the research she cites was from a few years before that. Much has happened since then, including what seems to be a wider acceptance of homosexuality and gay marriage. Gay advocates have argued that bad behavior comes from internalized “homophobia.” Similarly, they say the cure for homosexual priests and bishops abusing seminarians is marriage. Has legal marriage changed all that? The increasing rate of HIV infections say no. The epidemic of venereal diseases say no. Monkeypox says no. 

What are Catholics to do? Love and pray for those with same-sex attraction. Joe Sciambra stands in the midst of great depravity at gay pride events in San Francisco wearing a tee-shirt that says “Jesus Loves Gay Men.” There is the apostolate Courage which helps gay men live chaste lives. There are brave psychologists who treat gay men and help them walk away from that way of life; they show that one can leave this lifestyle and lead a healthy, chaste life.

The key thing for anyone tempted to same-sex sexual behavior: never give up, you can change. And never give in the devilish whispers of those like Father James Martin who say this is an acceptable and healthy way of life. 

[Photo Credit: AFP via Getty Images]


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