These Memberless Men

Eunuch-hood is now being described as a new gender category, but we should call it what it is, a madness that has seeped from the dark corners of our culture.

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Some men want to chop off their, uh, members, not because they are “trans” but because…well, I’m not sure why. It is a head-scratcher. They call themselves eunuchs, and they have a “community.” Of course, they have a community. All I know is this; imagination is the madman of the soul, and we wonder what fevers occupy the dreams of these memberless men.

It’s not just men who want their members chopped; others want to do the chopping. Sometimes they are the same, both the chopper and the choppee. The Times of London reports that a group of men sit in jail for surgically removing the penises and testicles of other men, sometimes causing castration by “clamping.” Ouch. They also cut off the nipple of a man who runs a website that shows such things.

Ryan Andrew King, 28, serves a three-year sentence for “removing the genitals of two men with their consent in amateur castration surgeries, one of which occurred at a backpacker hotel.” The two volunteers found King from an ad King placed online.

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All this is voluntary insofar as mental health could be called voluntary. These men are part of a “community” called “nulls,” which stands for gender nullification. “Community” is like a magic blanket covering all sins, judgment, and lunacy. They gather at a website, now castrated from the internet, called The Eunuch Archive, which is said to have had 6,000 members. These men are part of a “community” called “nulls,” which stands for gender nullification. “Community” is like a magic blanket covering all sins, judgment, and lunacy.Tweet This

It should be understood that none of these men are doctors, merely gifted amateurs. What is odd is that they are in prison for doing what is perfectly legal to do to kids. In the same United Kingdom, children may have their penises and testicles removed, and it can hardly be said that this is voluntary. Children are not equipped to make such decisions, and they can only have fallen under the sway of adults like the gentlemen now sitting in jail for whacking off adult penises.

It is not like these surgical dream weavers are limited to the United Kingdom. A California “surgeon” advertises what he calls a “smoothie,” which is not a drink. He says, “The goal is to leave the area as a smooth, unbroken transition from the abdomen to the groin.” “Newlyweds” Bob Allen and Thomas Gates were prosecuted for performing eunuch services on a plywood table in their Oklahoma cabin. Their patient testified for them at trial. Florida prosecuted seventy-seven-year-old Gary Van Ryswyk for performing castrations…without a license.

The scientists have gotten involved, and boy, are we relieved. They say 600,000 American men live as “eunuchs” because they have had their testicles removed for medical reasons, that is, to prevent a reoccurrence of prostate cancer. Though it is new to me, I do not question the notion that this kind of thing may have to happen to avoid prostate cancer recurrence.

But to categorize them as “eunuchs” and to put them into a category of those who chop their members for other reasons, for sexual reasons, seems unfair and also dishonest. It seems that “eunuch-hood” ought to have at least a dollop of intention. And we have to take their questionable word for it that there are 600,000 of them.

Besides science, there is soothing support. RealClearScience reports that the Eunuch Archive “features a great many brave, candid, and personal accounts from neutered men.” This is certainly very clear, but it is not much about science. It is the imagination run wild. What kind of tortured imagination could lead one to lay down on a plywood slab in a remote cabin and allow two hillbilly homos to slice off your privates.

By this author:

As Shakespeare wrote, “Lovers and madmen have such seething brains, such shaping fantasies, that apprehend more than cool reason ever comprehends. The lunatic, the lover, and the poet are of imagination all compact: One sees more devils than vast hell can hold.” 

One could add that these men see more angels than vast heaven can hold. After all, these poor souls are seeking some sort of happiness, some sort of good, perfection, that may still their seething brains. “If only I did not have a penis or testicles, then all would be well.” 

Almost one hundred years ago, Hemingway wrote about a tortured young man who goes to a doctor asking for castration because he is haunted by sexual desire. The doctor declines, and the kid does it on his own. 

Much of this can only be what the scientists decline to name and what much of “gender reassignment” really is, fetishism. These men get a sexual thrill over this idea of mutilation. The gentleman who posted a film of his nipple being removed also allowed his leg to be frozen and amputated. 

A prominent pro-trans advocacy group is now describing eunuch-hood as a new gender category. We should call it what it is, a madness that has seeped from the dark corners of our culture that struggles even now to come into the light.  


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