Truckers Bringing About a Canadian Spring

Canada has been beaten and abused, and many have forgotten how to fight. But out of nowhere have come the most unlikely of heroes who are set to stare down Trudeau: tens of thousands of truck drivers.

In our day, and in my country of Canada, the virtue of patriotism seems to be forged in a furnace of hope and despair. It is like a war of attrition between the two sides of the human heart—one telling you to flee or give up and the other telling you to stay and fight.

The last two years of Covidian tyranny have been an ordeal, and the psychological and spiritual effects have caused me to change in ways I never thought I would.

At times I have become resentful, nay, even hateful of the men in power in ways that are not conducive to balance in my soul. I think my confessors at this point might be tired of counseling me off a proverbial ledge as I prattle on about the communism that has gripped my nation.

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It is a difficult thing to be a man of principle, especially when you verge on being a platonic form of a choleric temperament. I would be lying if I hadn’t dreamt of having numerous Braveheart moments, riding with my countrymen into battle, taking back my land for my progeny.

Alas, much of the recent years have been filled with an equally oppressive feeling of hopelessness and a defeatist attitude. In reality, there is almost nothing Canadians can do to live as free men in a nation that wants them to be slaves to Big Pharma. 

Our constitutional documents are an afterthought to say the least; there is no Second Amendment spirit in these parts, and our national mythology is one of loyalty to government as a source of peace and order. We are not revolutionaries—justifications for revolutions notwithstanding. We are not even rebellious. At times it is as if we are not even awake.

However, there is more to this country than meets the untrained eye.

This land was formed by missionaries, explorers, and some of the most industrious men who have ever lived.

Our forefathers looked out on cold and untamed oceans, only to risk their lives to forge a path into the heart of the Great White North.

Scurvy, frostbite, death from exposure, and erratic weather were the handmaids of the Canadian experience. 

French navigator Samuel de Champlain braved the harshest winter imaginable, engaged in battle against the Iroquois in an alliance with the Algonquin, and over half his men died in those first winters. However, he did not abandon ship, even after being shot and forced to leave dead confreres frozen until they could be thawed and buried in the spring. 

He stayed. For some reason, that God only knows, the man stayed. And then more came, and they stayed too, even though they knew they might die. Then more, then more, and then a nation was formed.

Battles were fought, lives were lost; lives were forged. Children were born and children died, and a soul of a people was built to withstand the rugged tundra that presented herself as a frozen nemesis to all who dared battle with her wicked winters.

However, this great people has largely been lost and replaced by a collection of effeminate and soft lemmings who are addicted to welfare checks and creature comforts. Gone are the days when the average Canadian would expect to actually suffer through the elements—save for that brief moment when they roll down their frosted windows to order a Double Double coffee.

Justin Trudeau is the archetype of what an effeminate man is, and he is the perfect representation of what has happened to the grit and manfully cultivated virtue that was once common in this nation. But it is not all gone.

This is still the country where our favorite game is to launch veritable rocks at each other with long sticks, while skating and fighting with sharp blades attached to our feet.

This is still the nation that comes together during national disasters and record-setting snowfalls.

This is still the nation where Samuel de Champlain, Louis Riel, and Montcalm all spilled their blood as libation for a great people whom they would sire.

This nation is not dead. In fact, she may just be coming back to life.

You see, every nation has a national soul, and every soul is a metaphysical thing, a spiritual thing, and therefore an immortal thing. The soul may be cast into Hell to make company with the shades and ghouls, but it does not go away.

Our nation has been beaten, our nation has been abused, and many have forgotten how to fight. But out of nowhere have come the most unlikely of heroes who are set to stare down Trudeau and his bastardly henchmen in Ottawa.

Tens of thousands of truck drivers are now riding their unsuspecting chariots in a convoy so long that it looks like it will break previous world records for a convoy by an order of magnitude.

Justin and his ministers said “take the jab, truckers, even if you don’t want it,” and this has been their response.

They plan to descend on the capital with hundreds of thousands—maybe more—citizens who have lined highways from coast to coast to cheer on these long-haul heroes.

I have never seen such unity between so many Canadians. Videos of families and communities preparing food for the drivers and showing up at truck stops nationwide are going viral. Police officers are coming out in support, and even feckless conservative politicians have finally grown a spine and stood up like real boys and girls, trumpeting the cause of the Freedom Convoy.

The idiots in the Liberal Party, however, are doubling down and show no sign of budging. But it is clear that they do not have the nation on their side. Their policies of vaccine mandates for truck drivers will cause national food shortages, which will be unavoidable. It seems that the morons have forgotten the most important rule of keeping the public peace—do not let the people go hungry.

Now, the truckers say they will stay parked at Parliament until the mandates are dropped—all of the mandates, not just the ones that pertain to them. But it is more complicated than that. Most of the terroristic governance that has inflicted Canadians has come from the provinces, who will have to strike down their own laws in order to free their people.

Funny enough, it seems to be working. Premiers know that if they cannot feed their constituents, then they are toast—pun intended—and they are now lobbying the feds to strike down the mandates, even partnering with their American counterparts. 

They must be careful, however, because once people get a true taste of liberty and communal spirit, they will want more.

Canadians are ready for a change. They are ready for a nation they can be proud of. They are ready to live in Canada again.

I do not know how things will turn out, but the hair stands up on the back of my neck just thinking about it. I did not think something like this would happen—a real chance at rebellion, a national movement seeking true liberty. But here we are.

I am fearful of the hope I have currently for what may come very soon. The undulation of misery and liberty that has enwrapped the hearts of Canadians these past years is almost too much to bear.

But, whatever happens, it is in God’s hands. Despite what the devils in Ottawa may do, God has carved this great land out of snow and ice with His mighty hands, and it does not belong to some witless fools who dictate from bully pulpits.

As the national anthem goes: “God keep our land glorious and free.”

[Photo sources: Twitter]


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