What the Overturning of Roe Means Outside America

The monumental Dobbs ruling will have an influence far beyond the shores of America.

Although abortion is not going away overnight, it cannot be denied that the overturning of Roe v. Wade is a significant blow for the abortion lobby in America. The mere fact that abortion is no longer considered a “right” in the technical sense is extremely significant.

It is said that politics are downstream from culture, but in reality, it could be said that in some ways everything is downstream from everything.

Politics are downstream from religion, and some people’s religion is downstream from their politics.

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In a similar fashion, morality is often downstream from the law, even if laws are not moral. 

I recall teaching a grade 12 class a few years ago, and we were having a raucous yet amicable conversation about abortion. A thoughtful young woman piped up at a certain point and said, “Mr. Hall, how can abortion be wrong if it is legal?”

She was not poking fun or being facetious, nor was she unintelligent, but she, like many, was raised to believe that if a government says something is “okay” then it must be so. This is a completely understandable way of thinking, as we ought to expect our institutions and those who govern them to have our best interests at heart. After all, if a government passes laws to stop you from drinking and driving, for example, then if it also passes laws to ensure that babies die through abortion, there must be some ethical underpinning.

Of course, the readers of Crisis are aware – I hope! – that government often does not have our best interests at heart. Nonetheless, the legality or illegality of a given action under a given government has the power to greatly change the moral landscape of a society.

As America marches into the future, it will not be enough for textbooks to say lazily “abortion is a constitutional right” or for lazy-minded liberals to yammer on about the “constitutional rights of women.” No, the conversation is now about abortion itself, and the legality of destroying innocent life. Although it will take time, I believe that anti-abortion sentiment will continue to grow in the U.S., as Moloch’s Sacred Cow must now be scrutinized.

In addition, the monumental Dobbs ruling will have an influence far beyond the shores of America. 

For those who have never lived outside of Uncle Sam’s loving gaze, it cannot be stressed enough that America is an international powerhouse of cultural and moral importance. This has been disastrous in some ways, as Hollywood has exported the values of Sodom to every corner of every hemisphere. However, it is not just leftist culture that is exported, but conservative and right-wing culture as well.

The MAGA movement emboldened conservative sentiment in Canada to a degree I had not seen in my lifetime, and there is continual growth in anti-woke resistance here, largely inspired by Tucker Carlson.

Right-wing political wins in America may not be political wins in Canada, but the cultural ripple-effect makes it across the COVID curtain and onto Canadian soil.

Now, under our current Fuhrer, any ripple of decency or sanity is unwelcome, but even Trudeau and his perfectly coiffed hair cannot stop the influence of the pro-life tide rising across America.

Now that Roe has fallen, it is clear to leftist elites that no supposed “right” is safe. We can look back now and connect the dots to see how we arrived at that fateful decision on June 24, but just a few years ago it seemed like the fall of Roe back into hell was as unlikely as something intelligent being said by Whoopi Goldberg.

Nonetheless, we now find ourselves in a “post-Roe” world where Clarence Thomas is nodding at a possible overturning of laws pertaining to same-sex “marriage,” sodomy, and contraception. 

The elites in America may be evil, but they are elites for a reason. They may be insufferable, but they are not unintelligent, and they understand now that the dam has started to leak and they face a potential deluge.

Trudeau showed just how aware he was of this in his expected and pitiful reaction to the Dobbs decision.

He tweeted, “The news coming out of the United States is horrific. My heart goes out to the millions of American women who are now set to lose their legal right to an abortion. I can’t imagine the fear and anger you are feeling right now.”

Not able to keep his bilingual mouth shut, he added, “No government, politician, or man should tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body.”

Ah yes, Prime Minister Vax-mandate – a man who also dodges questions about the proliferation of sex-selective abortion in Canada, which happens often – is suddenly concerned with bodily autonomy.

Mr. Blackface has made it clear that he intends to make life difficult for pro-life groups, with recent hints at going after pro-life charities through dishonest tax legislation.

He would not be having his public tantrums or mobilizing his revenue cartels if he were not worried about the real growth of pro-life sentiment, just like he would not have resorted to the war-time Emergencies Act to deal with a three-week block party and truck-show in downtown Ottawa in February if he didn’t see freedom on the move.

Furthermore, the spiritual and psychological benefits of the ending of Roe should not be underestimated. Christians are beyond elated at what has happened, and I would imagine that many of us have recommitted ourselves to the spiritual warfare necessary to win the pro-life battle. And, the pro-life warriors in American and abroad have just been given proof that those marches, sit-ins, rescues, and arrests were all worth it; not a single act of pro-life heroism was wasted.

I do not know how abortion could be legally suppressed here in Canada, but then again it was nearly impossible to see how it could have happened in America. I do know, however, that the elites of the world have seen what happened in America and understand the significance.

The little devils on their shoulders that tell them what to do are surely whispering in their ears, “I hate to tell you this, but your country might be next.”

[Photo Credit: AFP via Getty Images]


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