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Austin Ruse is a contributing editor to Crisis Magazine. He is president of the Center for Family and Human Rights in New York and Washington DC. He is the author of several books including, Under Siege: No Finer Time to be a Faithful Catholic (Crisis Publications). He can be reached at [email protected].

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Can a Sexual Revolutionary Save the West?

A new book does a marvelous job explaining the cultural attack on the West in recent years, but it has a massive blind spot: a refusal to recognize the need for a traditional sexual constitution.

Mass Shootings Are Not What You Think They Are

The acts of that evil lunatic in Uvalde are being used to advance certain false narratives. So it requires us to understand what school shootings really are. Indeed, we need to understand what mass shootings really are.

Leftists Leaving the Left

A fresh raft of intellectual refugees are turning from the Left because the corrupted Left they knew has left them.

A Great Cloud of Pro-Life Witnesses

As we wait to see the disposition of this evil regime on what may be the last March for Life, we must consider the men and women who brought us to this moment, the pantheon of pro-life heroes.

Reactionary Mind

Warning: This Book is Dangerous

I pushed Michael Warren Davis’ new book, The Reactionary Mind (Regnery Publishing), on a friend of mine, a noted Catholic and academic leader. I told him a good part of the book was a defense of feudalism. I thought he’d like that. Instead, he said, “Well, recent scholarship shows that feudalism did not exist. So, … Read more


Trump is Owed a Second Term

A friend of mine says, “Of course, the NeverTrumpers were right after all. Trump had so alienated suburban women by his personal behavior, he couldn’t possibly have won a second term.” This person was Trump-resistant but voted for him nonetheless and was pleasantly surprised at all he accomplished. In the end, however, after he lost, … Read more

Merrick Garland

When the FBI Protects Moral Monsters

The members of the Fairfax County and Loudoun County School Boards here in Northern Virginia are little more than pipsqueaks and perverts (there is one good member of the Loudoun County School Board. There are none at Fairfax).   They are power-hungry, low-level bureaucratic hacks who don’t give two hoots for the children under their care … Read more

The Chosen

This Time the Crucifixion Will Be Personal

I dread the final season of The Chosen because that is when they will kill my dear friend Jesus. This may sound heretical, but I have never felt exactly this way about Him before. There has always been a kind of veil between Him and me, a fog that even His light cannot fully pierce. He is … Read more


Leaving Twitter

For the past two months I have not known what is going on with liberal Catholics like Mark Shea, or Simcha Fisher, or Dawn Eden, or the guy who runs WherePeterIs, or any of the rogues’ gallery I’ve had so much fun with on Twitter these past few years. The reason is that in early … Read more


Are the Culture Wars Over?

Many conservatives say the Culture Wars are over and we have lost.  Many people look around our culture and society and see utter destruction. They see grade-schoolers being taught that the gay-sex drug PrEP is just peachy. They see kids being taught there is this thing called anal sex. Seventh graders in my local school … Read more

Francis - BO

The Pope and Rod Dreher

Rod Dreher let a combination of ego and Twitter get the better of him in Rome a few days ago. Dreher met the Pope in the Vatican, one of those longish meet-and-greets where you briefly shake the Pope’s hand, maybe say a few words, get a picture snapped. Dreher took this moment to tell Francis, … Read more

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