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The New Paganism

The mutability of human nature broadly, and of gender in particular, is the Trojan Horse by which paganism has achieved its modern renaissance.

I Believe in Santa

Believe it (or in him) or not, but Santa Claus was instrumental in my return to the sacraments.

How Did This Happen?

A sacrilegious music video filmed in a Catholic church raises many questions of how such a thing could have happened in the first place.

Pilgrim Music

Modern masters of lust scream and shout their rock songs, but medieval peasants sing of beauty, salvation, and death to their mother.

100% Proof Spirits? G.K. Chesterton and Belief in Ghosts

The fact that seasonal stories of spooks and specters are now spoken of in terms of “proof” and “evidence,” not simple “belief” and “faith,” is symptomatic of a wider spiritual malaise in our society—one first spotted by G.K. Chesterton over a century ago.

Living in Lantua

Dystopia doesn’t judge as much as it observes and predicts. If we do A, then B will happen. Hence, dystopia has come to be a means of critiquing society in a way that gets past our ideological barriers.

The War of the Worlds: Faith vs. Cowardice

Though typically memorialized as one of the earliest exemplars of the science-fiction genre, “War of the Worlds” offers a biting commentary on the futility and uselessness of the theologically-inclined, and especially clerics.

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