Let’s Call Out Dirty Old Men Again

One cannot speak against the acts that used to be called deviant and perverse because those very acts are being mainstreamed and normalized by all the powers that be.

Send in the Clowns

Maintaining a sense of humor in light of the depraved and cruel actions of some prelates is a healthy and necessary response for Catholics.

The Time of Magical Thinking

…vacuous jargon on display at Synod 2023.  No Roman gathering in two thousand years has reveled in the vacuous jargon on display at Synod 2023. Tweet This But this was…

The Clergy Scandals Continue…

The Church is awash in clergy scandals, from the troubling writings of a head of a major Vatican dicastery to the depraved activities of well-known priests. What is a Catholic to do in the face of such corruption?

2024: The Path Forward for Catholics

Catholics have been debating how to react to the crisis in the Church for some time now: Should we ignore Rome and focus on our family/parish/community? Or should we actively resist the scandals and corruptions coming from the Vatican?

My Advice? Step Down

The Church, which has always stood for sanity, may have to ask the Pope to step down in order to make things sane again.

2023: The Year Pope Francis Went Too Far?

A year that began with the death of Pope Benedict XVI ended with an open revolt against Pope Francis. After a decade of “making a mess,” it appears even the bishops are tired of the constant battles and controversies of this pontificate.

A Papal Biopsy

Rather like a flame that burns brightest before it is extinguished, there has been a flurry of papal pronouncements, paving the way for what may be a course entrenched, if not irreversible, for his successor to face. 

Breaking Down Fiducia Supplicans

The Vatican’s approval of blessings for same-sex couples and couples in “irregular situations” reflects a divorce between morality & pastoral practice, liturgy & life, and orthodoxy & orthopraxy.

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