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The Paradoxical Pope

In spite of the profound impact Pope Benedict XVI has had on my life (or perhaps because of it), I can’t help but have mixed—and confused—feelings about the man now that he has passed.

It Was Homosexual Abuse

Leftists deny the mountain of demographic data that draws a strong link between homosexuality and abuse of minors in the Church.

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Abortion Is Our Red Wave

In this election there was one big red wave, the certainty of which has continued its all too predictable march through every precinct in the land, signaling yet another triumph at the polls for abortion.

Fr. Sheehy

Thank You, Fr. Sheehy

Thank you, Fr. Sheehy, for honoring your responsibility as a priest and reminding us that sin is an objective entity that has, sadly, been written into the infrastructure of our society.


The Pope and Synod: Hangmen of the Great Commission

I will not follow this new synodal listening blueprint, and I will not oblige Pope Francis’ reproach of Catholic proselytization. I will listen to God. And I will hold fast to Christ’s words of the Great Commission. 

Mariana Mazzucato’s Reveal

Economist Mariana Mazzucato’s appointment to the Pontifical Academy for Life was scandalous enough due to her pro-abortion stance, but looking at her work reveals even more problems with her appointment.

Crisis Magazine

Crisis Magazine Turns 40

This month Crisis turns 40. Founded by Ralph McInerny and Michael Novak, the journal was initially called Catholicism in Crisis (subtitled “A Journal of Lay Catholic Opinion”) and the first issue was published in November 1982, in the midst of the Cold War and before the rise of the internet. Much as today, the early … Read more

“The Truest Ghost Story Ever Told”

Nestled in West Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, the town of Middleway boasts a ghost story that rivals the most famous haunted tales. What makes this haunting stand out is that it is a Catholic story.

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