World Youth Day

World Profanation Day

Whoever was involved in the planning of WYD decided to imitate not the Magi who gave the Lord gold, frankincense, and myrrh, but the Corinthians who heedlessly carried on with their “agape,” not discerning the Body and Blood of the Lord.

The Loss of the Sacred

The grasping attempt to be “exciting” or “cool” seen at World Youth Day is but a symptom of disease of the “unsacred” nature of modern life.

Soccer Over Dogma?

In spite of the pope’s seeming preference for soccer over dogma, proclaiming the truths of the Catholic Faith—i.e., being “dogmatic”—leads to more joy and happiness, not less.

Memories of Dissent in Catholic Youth Ministry

The recent articles by Austin Ruse on “Dissent at Catholic Youth Ministries” reminded me of my own wayward youth, when I was a Catholic dissenter. In fact, those articles by Mr. Ruse reminded me of one fellow-traveler in particular. Her name was Amy Wortmann. In 1995, Amy met Blessed Pope John Paul II “face to … Read more

After Rio, Prospects for Christianity Look Brighter

Even for jaded journalists World Youth Day came as a surprise. The organization was appalling. Public transport collapsed. The ATMs ran out of money. The field where the young people were supposed to sleep overnight and attend Mass on Sunday turned into a quagmire after heavy rain. Even the mayor of Rio de Janeiro admitted … Read more

Brilliant Men in Dark Boxes

(cross posted at my blog, I have to sit down)   My heart sank when I saw this picture on Creative Minority Report: The NAACP hid a prominent statue of George Washington inside a wooden box during a MLK Day rally, offering the terminally lame excuse that the box would make a more suitable backdrop … Read more

Jean-Marie Lustiger

Journalists trying to assess the life of Jean-Marie Lustiger (1926-2007) are like the crowd at the foot of Mount Sinai trying to figure out why Moses was complicating their lives. An eloquent sadness in him was too ancient for any one race to claim; and when, in 1999, he read his own mother’s name, Gisele, … Read more

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