Synod on Synodality

The Pink Synod

Certain seminaries became pink palaces, where seminarians and priests commonly shrugged away their vows of chastity, treating such sins with a thoroughly modern wink and a nudge.

On Hedgehogs and Synods

The Hedgehog knows one big thing, but our Synod Fathers (and Mothers) seemed consumed with many lesser things.

Stumbling on the Synodal Path

The Synod on Synodality (Part I) just ended, and it didn’t go as pre-planned. Outside events overshadowed the proceedings, and not everyone was on board the path to a synodal Church.

Rearranging the Synod Table Chairs

The Synod was a series of fixations on matters of utter inconsequence, rather like the deck hands busily arranging chairs on the Titanic before its final plunge into the sea.

Our Emersonian Pontiff

Is clerical haberdashery really such a problem that it merits a prominent place in the pope’s intervention in a synod as overhyped as the one concluding in Rome these days?

Rome Fiddles While the World Burns

The Middle East and Ukraine are engulfed in war, society has become increasingly (and violently) anti-Catholic, and millions are leaving the Church; meanwhile, Church leaders are meeting together to talk about meetings. What is a Catholic to do?

The Great Sifting

In the midst of mass apostasy all around us, we can see signs of growth in faithfulness and orthodoxy.

Male and Female He Made Them

It is no surprise that the call to ordain (or to pretend to ordain) women as priests comes mainly from people who wish to marry (or to pretend to marry) a man with a man or a woman with a woman.

Should the Laity Ignore the Synod on Synodality?

Given that the advice offered to the pope during the synodal proceedings will likely contain at least some errors and ambiguities, most lay Catholics are probably better served by simply ignoring the Synod proceedings.

Whither the Synod?

The Synod organizers themselves don’t really know where any of this is going, but we’re all supposed to be on the way anyway.   

Troubled Thoughts About the Synod

The Instrumentum Laboris is not as bad as some argue, but it is worrisome because of the impression it gives of structuring a supposed listening session in order to achieve previously conceived results.

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