Can Catholics Support Libertarians?

The election of libertarian candidate Javier Milei as president of Argentina raises the question among Catholics: Can a Catholic support a libertarian? Or is libertarianism contrary to Catholicism, particularly Catholic social teaching?

We Live Among Barbarians

The vote to enshrine abortion in Ohio should be a revelation to us: we live among barbarians who do not care about human life in the womb.

War in the Holy Land

The recent attack on Israel by Hamas has led many prominent voices in government and media to call for a substantial response, including an escalation of the conflict to include America and Iran. How should Catholics judge this conflict and America’s role in it?

The Black Legend of Christian Brutes

In recent years, the secular Left has been working feverishly to turn Christians into violent monsters. We are told that the number one threat of terrorism in America is from the Right.

Pro-lifers on Trial and the Denial of Reality

For the first time ever pro-lifers were accused of employing prayers and hymns as weapons against women seeking abortions. Apparently one need not shoot an abortionist or torch a clinic to be justly accused of violence.

Is Opposition to Illegal Immigration a Sin?

Not only do nations have the right to enact laws that limit immigration but also nations have as their principal obligation to first assure the common welfare of its own citizens.

The Choice Between War and Humiliation

Russia could no more accept NATO in Ukraine than France could have accepted neutrality in 1914. Both states were reacting to conditions created by an opponent, both saw themselves in jeopardy, and both had in front of them a no-war option leading to a peaceful exit.

A Collision of Civilizations

Russians consider a loss in Ukraine as tantamount to Russia’s losing its historical identity—not merely as a country but as a civilization, a society distinct from the West.

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