The Rainbow Illusion

June has been hijacked by the rainbow flag—a symbol of delusion, a bending of nature, relativism of truth, and an embracing of darkness.

The Persecution of Donald Trump

Trump’s conviction hopefully serves as a wake-up call. We don’t live in a democratic republic, a shining city on the hill. We live in a banana republic, a decaying country on its last legs.

The Faith of the RFKs

Like his father, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. relies on his Catholic Faith during his political campaign. But there’s a significant—and tragic—difference between father and son.

Tucker Carlson’s Spiritual World

Tucker Carlson claims that “spiritual” forces are at work in the world, directly involved in events from the creation of the atom bomb to supposed alien sightings. What are Catholics to make of these claims?

Conservatism, Inc. Continues Its Decline

Waffling on abortion, spending billions on foreign wars, playing identity politics, defending moral evils: the Conservative Establishment has little to do with actual conservatism these days. What is the political path forward for conservative Catholics?

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